Fibaro RGBW Controller not controller White

I’ve just installed a Fibaro RGBW controller, and its controlling the RGB just fine, however there is zero control over white.

For example, going to Red, Green or Blue leaves the white on. Even dimming the device down to 0% leaves the white leds on full, but dims only the colours.

I’ve also tried this DTH, but that doesn’t control the white LEDS :confused:

Any ideas?

At a guess your controler is new and not one of the older fib controlers, the older fib controlers do have some control from various dth’s but non work properly as they did in the old app

Fibaro controlers new or old are not officially supported in St, there are many threads about the problem but at the moment your in the same boat as the rest of us, a good product that does not work properly due to Fibaro refusing to develop official DTH’s

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Not sure, I’ve had it for a year or so, but it’s not a V2 afaik. How can it not be officially supported when it’s advertised as working with Smartthings and automatically detects and loads a DTH for it :man_facepalming:

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Anyones guess, probably left over code from the classic app, if you look at the list of supported devices in the Fibaro section, the controlers are not included

Maybe try changing the wires from the LED strip, sometimes red isn’t actually red!

The colours individually work

Yup, always a possibility some wires are in the wrong hole, the damn things are miniscule

I have the older fib controler and I don’t get issues with white staying on, special colours are available but getting them to work can be a faff and in my case the smart app that allows it isn’t available anymore