Fibaro RGBW Controller (DTH link in post 32, police light smartapp link in post 79)

I love the Fibaro RGBW device (I’ve owned two in the past), but there is an alternative out there that already has the capability to control each channel with a virtual dimmer. It is a fantastic device at an affordable price. Alternatively, you can look at the code for my Virtual Dimmer Sync app and (with a few modifications) make it work with the Fibaro.

Edit: I just made some changes to my Sync app and it should work with the Fibaro Controller. Possibly not the white channel, but I will fix that.

Edit #2: White channel should work as well.


Hi all,

I am building out a new house that will use 16 independent fibraros operating RGBW to control various rooms throughout the house.

I need to be able to have a PWM dimmable wall switch for each room, that tells the fibraro to turn on or off. I assume i t will turn on to the last settings it had? If not, then i need a wall switch to trigger a zwave scene I assume?

Or do I leave the fibraro running full power all the time, and take the 24v Power cable and run that through a 24V PWM before connecting to the strips?

My main need here is identifying a the correct switch and wiring that will work for this purpose.

If someone who understands these is able to jump on a skype would be super helpful. Let me know.

Hi Scott,

I just saw that you did this! Awesome! I’m kinda new at the smartapp stuff. Can you give me a brief instruction on how to install this?

Thank you so much for your time!


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Hello All,

I am new to SmartThings and need some advise regarding the Fibaro RGBW controller.

First problem I have is that SmartThings does not appear to control the white channel, it is on all the time so I have had to disconnect it for now…but I would like to be able to use it.

Secondly, is it possible to synchronize the configuration of more than one controller? I have 2 controllers in each room and want the LED strips to be the same colour and be able to automatically change them based on certain conditions. How possible is this?


I’d like to know how to install this too!

Here’s the FAQ for installing custom code. This thread contains both a device type handler in post 32 and a smart app (the police lights example) in post 79 so make sure you paste into the right sections in your own account. The FAQ explains. :sunglasses:


I have one of these controllers. But I would like to be able to run red and green only. have it fade from red to green. I dont know if i am doing some thing wrong. Or do I need a special app to do this. Thank you for any info on this

Hope @twak and @Motley don’t mind, I have edited their code so I can assign custom RGB Presets in the SmartTiles dashboard.

For the device handler, I have added extra colour presets for my needs. The modified device handler originally by Twak is linked below in case anyone wants to see how extra colour presets are added.

Download link: Modified Device Handler

For Motleys Smart App, I have basically just Incorporated my own set of colours (including the ones I have integrated into the device handler) as well as changed line 25 to…

input "switch1", "capability.momentary", title: "Which switch?

…and commented out lines 36/41/47-51 so that I can use Momentary Button Tiles instead inside the SmartTiles dashboard to seamlessly go/fade between preset colours.

(The Momentary Button Tiles that I manually created are effectively the trigger/s for Motley’s Smart App)

Don’t know if commenting out the lines at the end was relay necessary, but did not want the RGB light fading/turning off when going between presets. I tried un-commenting the lines out - seems to make no difference.

Download link: Modified Smart App

Regards: eVeares

Hey guys, thanks for this awesome device type, the default one was so hard to get hard set colors like green.

I have a question regarding the Fibaro RGBW controller; inside of ST IDE for the device, I see “Power 5.1” what does this actually mean; whats the maximum power? Is the power the amount of Amps or Watts or what?

Many thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked before but i’ve been searching for about an hour to try find the answer

Is anyone else having issues with their RGBW controllers?

Mine seem to either be slow to respond or do not react when they should. Im using them with CoRE so an update within CoRE could be the culprit.

For instance, I have a RGBW controller that is connected to a strip of lights on my headboard that is activated with motion (as ambient light or a nightlight for when kids wake up). It is also setup to flash red and blue if a perimeter contact sensor opens between X and Y times.

The other night, I was up late and when I headed to bed, I checked on my son (triggered his motion detector) then walked into my room (within 30 sec, triggering my motion), the RGBW light came on, dimmed to 10, color red. After 30 seconds it was supposed to go off, but it didnt. It received the command from CoRE to obviously start the Piston, but it never completed the last step.

Other instances of failure are as follows:
-Kitchen cabinet lights will follow the CoRE pistons and dim as it gets closer to bedtime, but at the predefined time they are supposed to go off, they SOMETIMES dont.
-MBR motion triggers the light on, but after motion is stopped, they sometimes dont turn off

@ady624: Tagging you because CoRE.

@Turb02 I have an issue yes; mine is that I set my level to 99 last night and the level seems to slowly drop; its down to 13% now so I had to increase it again 30 minutes ago, now its down to 97% already :confused:

I set the colour to green and haven’t selected a fade option, do i need to reset something?

No clue. Im still having the issue. Are you using CoRE? If so, it may be something with CoRE and its interaction with the Fibaro device, but thats far fetched because it triggers mine. Its the completion of the rule that doesnt appear to be happening.

Just last night, my cabinet lights didnt go off and I had to bark at Alexa to turn them off. (woe is me, right?)

Trouble trying to get a toggle switch to work this Fibaro RGBW Controller. The controller works fine within the app controlling my kitchen led strip but i would like to run some wires to the physical switch to use manually. Would a toggle switch work? do i need to edit the device handler and how? i connected the toggle switch to IN1 and IN2, with a third wire going to ground, but no joy.

You can refer to this post for more info on accomplishing what you want to do.

Basically you need to set parameter 14 to 21845 and connect a switch to IN1 and GND.

The command would be:

zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(scaledConfigurationValue: 21845, parameterNumber: 14, size: 2).format()

I’m not sure which handler you are using so I can’t tell you exactly where to put that line of code. You could put it in the configure() method and then press the “CONFIGURE” tile on the device (if it has one).


Thanks for the swift reply Eric, I’ve been using all 3 of the device handlers I’ve found, but editing the code is completely beyond my realm of understanding unfortunately. Its a shame there isn’t a device handler yet that enables easy configuration, like there is for the Fibaro Dimmer 2.


iI really like the STORM function on the app but is it possible to have the same effect but red? I would like to use it for halloween!

If someone code help with the code?



It is a canned animation in the controller and can’t be modified. I wish the color for the fireplace could be changed because mine has a green tint.

Fibaro would have to do a firmware update which is unlikely even if SmartThings could do an over the air (OTA) update.

@dthomp13 If you are interested in a device that has fully customizable programs there is the SmartLife RGBW controller. You can one for around $10 from various retailers.

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@erocm1231 I’ve been following your great work and have the parts on my shelf waiting for time to work on it.

Are you able to change the color of the Fireplace animation?

Yep. The programs are completely customizable. For a fireplace like animation I would probably choose 3 actions:

  1. Red, Fade Transition, Random time between 1000 - 3000ms
  2. Purple, Fade Transition, Random time between 1000 - 3000ms
  3. Green, Fade Transition, Random time between 1000 - 3000ms

Then configure the program to repeat forever. Anyway, so this thread doesn’t completely go off topic, come over and post in the H801 thread if you have any more questions. I just see the users of this thread post so frequently that they would like to customize the built-in Fibaro programs that I wanted to suggest an alternative.