Fibaro multi sensor fgms-001

First time post. Not sure if this is the right area. I just received my fgms-001 Fibaro multi sensor. Tried to connect it to smartthings V2 hub. It comes up as Z-wave Door/Window sensor and statues shows as open. It is clearly not a door sensor. tried to delete and add, same thing. Am I doing anything wrong? any help would be appreciated.

if it is the newer version like v3.2 than you need to check this thread for installing a custom device handler. i just installed one yesterday and it is working fine (they are reporting some LUX issues but I’m not interested in that feature). and also the temp will show some different values for 1 hour or so and eventually will show the correct value.
hope this helps

Hey thanks for the reply. Could you please direct me to the thread you mentioned.

sorry, i forgot to put the link:

only use my custom device type if you are located in the UK or using the EU Server Shard. if you are in the US its best you use the official device type which will most likely be officially released as part of the next hub update.but for the moment works if you are a US user on any of the US Shards. even though mine works on any shard the official device type is a little more eloquent.

Does anyone know if there are still lux issues as described by @Seba a few months ago? I’m interested in installing an illumination sensor and the Fibaro looks good but I need it to be reliable and update on a timely basis. I want to turn on certain indoor lights if it gets dark outside, as with a storm, and not just rely on sunrise/sunset. I’m currently using the lux readings from a nearby PWS via the weather station device type but it’s often very untimely with its updates.

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Any news on this?