Fibaro Motion Sensor Uses

Here’s where @Ron enters the scene:

Will try it tonight.


Have you assigned the device type to the motion sensor in the ide? Sorry if you have, but from reading the thread it seems like perhaps you skipped this step.

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That’s perhaps the most basic question whether you have included the sensor to ST already. All these tweaking of parameters are after the inclusion or while inclusion.

When I go to “Device Type” all the fields grayed out.

Just to make sure, the app code in IDE should be posted under “My Device Types”, not under “My Devices”, right?

Have you already included your sensor? If yes, it should show up under “devices”. Device types is where it shows a list of your custom device types and where you create a new device type.

So go to “My Devices” and find the Fibaro Motion Sensor. -> Click on the device and then “Edit”.

Click on the “Type” drop down and choose the name of the Device type you created. They are down at the bottom of the list.

Go back into the app on your phone and the new device type should load.

Ok, I Edited “Type” in “My Devices”. Here is the screen shot:

Why is it showing 1% of battery? Its is brand new device with the brand new battery?

In order to configure Fibaro. Here is what I plan to do tonight:

  1. Get Fibaro close to the hub
  2. Press its “B” button (the only one there is next to the battery) three times to wake the device.
  3. On my phone ST app, click on the Fibaro device
  4. Click on the “Configure” under Fibaro device in ST.

Sounds right?

Yes, you are correct. The sensor will turn blue while it is awake and ready to accept commands. When you are all done press the button one more time to take it out of “awake” mode.

As another option, I really like the device type provided by @CyrilPeponnet

If you look at it, there is a sync icon. Most battery powered Z-Wave devices are designed to “wake” every so often (this device wakes every 2 hours for 15 seconds). His device type will send config parameters when the motion sensor notifies the controller that it is awake. This way you don’t have to take it down and press the button 3 times. It is nice for me because I have to get a ladder to take down my sensor.

In my opinion this is one of the best device types I’ve seen and would be a good model for other device types to be based off of.

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RE: the 1% battery - an issue can arise with Fibaro Motion Sensors when pulling the waxed strip of card out of the battery terminals to activate it for the first time.

Occasionally the wax will transfer onto the terminals, raising the resistance and partially or even completely blocking current flow. If you ever pull a tab and get a weird battery reading, or a battery that appears DOA, remove the battery and give the terminals a little rub. Pro tip :slight_smile:


Thank you Adam, I think that that is exactly what it is.

Is there a way to get the motion sensor to flash the red, blue, white like the Fibaro RGBW controller police lights mode?

@zuperman4ever - the Motion Sensor will display an RGB sequence when it detects tamper. I’m not aware of a way to call it via the API.

Likely not. This is a battery powered Z-Wave device that is almost always asleep. It wakes up at regular intervals (I believe every 2 hours) to allow the Z-Wave controller to send updates and for it to send reports. Even if you could tell it to turn on, best case would be when it wakes up during its 2 hour interval. Probably not what you are shooting for.

So I am having a strange issue getting me Fibaro Motion Sensor to perform. First I can’t seem to get it to flash blue instead of red. Heck to do anything but flash red when it sees motion or police strobe whenever it gets moved/touched. The app is installed published and I went into devices to select the correct installed published by me Fibaro.
I have done the pairing mode then hit the the config then exit it out hitting the button. It updates and looks fine - however the LED remains the same. I also wish I could make the flash go on for a bit longer - the flash is so brief its hard to even take recognition that it detected motion. Any help?

same here. is there an update or anyone else having issues? do i have to be next to the hub? my fibaro does send activity to the hub from its location

I have had issues with my fibaro in the begging not reporting all attributes. doing a replace and pressing the include button three times and just doing updates got them all to work and sync up and function properly.

I have a Fibaro Motion Sensor and have given it a device type as per above posts. My issue is that it continually shows as pending in the app. In the IDE it also shows needsupdate=yes.
In the logs I can see that every 2 hrs it wakes up.
It just never syncs.
I have tried pushing the button 3 times to force sync it, rebooted the hub and also pushed the sync button in the app, all to no avail.
Any ideas/suggestions anyone?

They updated the firmware in February 2016. You need a different device type for it. Search the forums for Fibaro 3.2, and you should find it.

Here’s one to try.

I have tried the V3.2 before and when I use that the vibration Sensor is permanently active. Also there is no indication that it has or needs syncing. I am using Cyril Pepponet’s device handler dated 23rd June 2015.