Fibaro Motion Sensor USA ver 3.2 not compatible

According to to ‘Zen Master Dave’ this device IS NOT compatible with SmartThings. Yet. So then, why is it on their list of products that work? And why should I possibly be out $60? See chat below;

Chat started on 17 May 2016, 05:06 PM (GMT+0)
ryan: Fibaro Motion Detector only connects as an open/close sensor. After changing devicetype, always shows as ‘motion’ active.
David: Hey there Ryan, Thanks so much for chatting in with me at SmartThings Support.
I apologize you’re experiencing trouble, I would be delighted to assist you with that!
David: How far is the Fibaro from the Hub?
ryan: As it sits, 15 feet. It is a FGMS-001 USA ver 3.2
David: Wonderful!
David: May I have you remove the device.
David: And then move the Fibaro within a foot of the Hub.
David: And re-include it.
David: Well
David: I wouldn’t just yet
ryan: Before we do all that, let’s see what I have already done. I have removed from the hub several times, I have reset the device to factory several times and I have rebooted the hub several times. I have included it within 1 foot of the hub. Did I miss something.
David: Nope, you’re on point.
David: It looks like this is a known issue we’re presently tracking with the new Fibaro motion sensors.
David: I’m tagging this chat/ticket so our developers are aware of you experiencing this as well.
David: This way, once the device gets certified, we can follow up via email to let you know.
ryan: Any time frame? If not, I’d like to return the device before I no longer can.
David: I do not have an ETA, however, this is a major priority we’re working to resolve, so that they pair correctly.
ryan: K, thanks
David: Absolutely Ryan!
David: Before we depart, did you have any additional questions I can happily assist you with?
ryan: No, thank you.

because the versions before 3.2 were compatible and do work with ST. This has been a known issue with the new version, there are multiple threads about it, I don’t recall if any community members have it working off hand.

Edit: Try this dth:

Edit: per that OP it looks like there is an official DTH now that is on the european shard. I would try that handler first and let us know if that fixes it for you!

Dont remember who it was but someone here has code to make it work.

my code initially gave support for the new version.

but the official handler is being updated for the new version. this works in all regions now so please use this code


Should this replace any code being used to control older versions or should it be added as a second handler?

it only works with v3.2 onwards as it is a completely different device. so just add it as a new handler for v3.2 devices


just got one of these, in the settings, none of the options have titles, is there a description of what these are somewhere? something I missed, or is it more of a guessing game? :slight_smile:

I see, you need to edit through the api site ‘my devices’ to get device option number

ended up going with the SC’s version as I have 3,2

but this is a snapshot of where to see the device option number in case someone new like me is later trying to figure it out