Fibaro motion sensor to Raspberry Pi

Hey all!

I’ve read some posts about controlling led strips via the Raspberry Pi.

I was thinking… would it be possible to have the raspberry pi receive a command via ST thru wifi and turn on/off my strip?

If so… (ehem… cute cat’s eyes here) any coders out there willing to help me out?

I’ve got a Fibaro Motion sensor (the one with the blue/yellow/green/red light) already hooked up and working with another set of lights… and would use that sensor…

oh! that reminds me… would it be (of course it would… right?) possible to have that fibaro motion sensor control the 2 different sets of lights depending on the time of day? For example, from 8-10 pm, have it control the overhead lights (which is what it does now) and from 10pm to 6am have it control just the near-the-floor led strip?