Fibaro motion sensor: show lux value in app tile

Hi, total noob here. I have Fibaro motion sensor in my system. However, I am more interested to see lux value the device is reporting than the default motion/no motion in tile. Is there a (easy) way to change what info is showing on tile? Or add multiple values?

Are you using the Classic app or new app?

I have both, but as new user I prefer the new app. I also tried to find a setting for this in ST IDE…

Ok. I don’t now of a way yet to do this in the new app. It sounds like they are working on a way for custom UI changes, but I haven’t found any information yet.

Is it doable in classic app then? Sharptools can show something else than motion, like temperature, but not lux…

If you’re referring to the dashboards, you can display any attribute from a device (including Lux) by using the Hero Attribute tile layout. You can find more details in the following help article:

Here’s an example using an Aeon Multisensor which exposes the lux reading under the illuminance attribute:

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Ah, yes it can. Thanks!
Edit: Marked above as solution. Maybe this will be available in new app when it matures a bit more. I’m glad to be new user so I don’t have anything to migrate from classic app.

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