Fibaro Lux Value Polling

I installed several Fibaro Motion Sensors over the weekend. Initially the lux value polling seem to be working but now I am not see any change in my lux value nor activity for lux value polling in the activity logs. Is there a setting in the device types that I can change to increase lux value polling?

Yea, there is. Best bet is to wade through the Fibaro motion sensor threads, in there you will become familiar with the available options and how to change them.

Thank Mike. I found this post over here Pre-release of Fibaro Motion Sensor from @smart that seems to list some lux parameters as 0,0 for parameter 40 and 2,88 for parameter 42. Also, it appears that I have to do this in the simulator to make the changes stick and @smart looks like he provide excellent instructions to do so. i will give it a shot tonight. If anyone has any other preferred lux parameters please let me know. Thanks!

Those instructions are mostly from @Mike_Maxwell. So, all credits to him. I just arranged it in the order which worked for me.