Fibaro Motion Sensor Lux Not Reporting


(Bob) #1

Hi All,
I have just ‘aquired’ a Fibaro Motion Sensor.
I already have one and it is working flawlessly.
The problem I am having with this one is that it only reports the lux value once after a reset.
I have scoured the forum and have downloaded numerous Device Handlers but it is still the same.
I have changed parameter 40 to 2 so that it should report changes. (On my existing sensor this is set to 100 and reports small lux changes).
When I reboot the sensor (3 presses on the button) it resets and reports the current lux value. If I then move it in front of a light the value changes to the new light level. Then nothing. I can cover the sensor so that it is dark, but nothing reports.
The new sensor is "zw:S type:2001 mfr:010F prod:0800 model:1001 ver:2.06 zwv:3.67 lib:03 cc:30,84,85,80,8F,56,72,86,70,8E,31,9C ccOut:30,31,9C"
I see nothing in the logs and when I look under the recently tab I see 72 $(unit)
For my working sensor I see 72 lux
Not sure if this is significant but thought I would mention it.

EDIT: I have also tried changing the parameters so that both are identical. No joy.
The app shows the last reported value as 72 LUX

EDIT 2: Parameter 42 is set to 60 so I should see a lux report every 60 seconds under the recently tab. Nothing.

EDIT 3: Looking at the logs, everything is being reported apart from the Lux level. :confused:

Any ideas/thoughts anybody?
Thanks in advance.

(Bob) #2

Well, not sure what has happened but Lux has started to report from just before 9am today.
I haven’t done anything.
Perhaps the configuration changes did not take affect properly and during it’s 2hr resync today something took.
Oh well. All’s well that ends well.


It is really common for lux sensors to take 24 hours to calibrate before they start reporting correctly. Many manufacturers will tell you to leave it under a bright light, then an absolute darkness, if you want to shorten the initial calibration period. Even then it can be tricky.

I think the issue is that lux levels change so gradually relative to pretty much everything else, even temperature, so the better lux meters just have to go through that set up period.

(Bob) #4

Ok. Perhaps your right.
It threw me though as the last one I purchased worked straight away out of the box.
Mind you with the latest one all the parameters were screwed and had to be reset.
Another lesson learned. :slight_smile: