Fibaro Motion Sensor Firmware

Hi all,

I’m looking at buying a few of the Fibaro motion sensors. I’ve read that there are issues with firmware versions when connecting to Vera, do the same firmware issues apply to ST?

Thanks in advance

I’ve got 5 of them and they all work great! No firmware issues here…

All sensors relay information consustently as well ( lux, temp and vibration)

Out of interest which device type are you using? I recently added a Fibaro motion sensor and I cannot get it to consistently relay lux, temp and vibration.

I am using the default device type from ST. Try the following,

  1. Put the hub in pairing mode
  2. Go to edit device in Fibaro and the tap the “configure button” . Do that couple of times. It helps the sensor sync up properly. Nothing happens visually when you tap the configure button.
  3. If that doesn’t help then while hub is in pairing mode hit the button on Fibaro 3 times like as if you are adding it again.
  4. If all doesn’t work then remove battery and wait for few seconds then put it back.
  5. Last resort - Remove and add again

Once you do any or all of these , kill the ST app and log back in . You should see it reporting everything correctly.

Also, Try doing all this by jeeping the sensor very close to the hub (10-12 feet).