Fibaro Implant as a garage door button with MyQ?

Can some tell be if (and maybe how) I can use the Fibaro smart implant connected to my garage door to be able to open said door?

I think I have the basics and correct me if I’m wrong. I can use it like an inline switch and also monitor the dumb switch. Or maybe monitor open/close state of the door. I have a sears smart garage door using MyQ for control. Thats great but since there is no MyQ control with ST I can only do it in the app. I can however monitor the state through ST. I have a dumb switch in the garage that has a motion sensor that turn the light on. It also has a timer to shut the door if left open. It would be great to wire it to that montion sensor too.

I did find the thread on here talking about the DH, but the talk was a bit disjointed and a little too technical for me. I searched online and YT for a tutorial and could not find what I was looking for. Any help? Thanks

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I would like to find best solution for your problem, so tell me if your gate has a drive with impulse input?

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Hi, I am also looking for a custom Smartthings handler for my Smart Implant FGBS-222 to work with my garage door.

To confirm, my door does have pulse input.

Alternatively, please provide an different solution because the standard ST handler only provides on/off functionality and schedules to control on/off functionality.