Fibaro HC3 integration with SmartThings

Hi all,
First of all, I wanted to say hello to everyone on the forum.
I am a Fibaro Home Center 3 user, I have a lot of devices connected to it. What is the best way to integrate everything with SmartThings?
I have also Samsung phones, watches, tablets and refrigerator with ST app. Is there any way to show devices from Fibaro HC3 there?
My first idea was buying Aeotec or another ST hub and using ST Edge Web requestor to send GET request to fibaro hub. But I will lose some features from ST like energy monitoring, notifications etc. I’m also not sure how to send current state of device to ST.
I also saw ST Edge for Philips Hue Hub. Is there something similar for Fibaro?
I could also get rid of Fibaro and pair all devices with ST but I will lose a lot of scenes and other Fibaro stuff.
So, what is the best way to integrate everything together? I would really appreciate any ideas and suggestions.

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SmartThings Hub/Aeotec and Fibaro HC3 are competitors in the hub device class. Normally people use one or the other, not both.

What were you hoping to get by adding a smartthings hub into the mix?

(As far as Philips Hue, it’s a controller for the end devices connected to it, but it’s designed to integrate well with a primary hub from another brand. In contrast, both smartthings and the HC3 expect to be the primary hub in their set up. So it’s not really a comparable situation.)

BTW, I can’t say for sure this will work for sure because we are still waiting for full details on the new platform, but assuming the new Ifttt integration gets done and works, you might just be able to use Ifttt, depending on the details of what you want to accomplish. That would not require a ST hub.

The big question is how you would set up virtual devices to act as proxies so you could view them on the family hub refrigerator, and right now we literally don’t have an answer for that if you don’t have a ST hub. The question has been asked, but still no answer. Hopefully we will get one soon. (It seems a bit silly to consider getting a smartthings hub just so you could create virtual devices, but I will admit I have considered that myself if they don’t offer any other option.)

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@JDRoberts really thank you for your responses. My main goal is to use fibaro devices and scenes from ST app on my samsung family hub and other devices.
IFTTT integration looks promising, we’ll see.
The easiest way would be just switch to ST hub but it looks for me like a step backward from Fibaro HC3.

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