Should I move from Fibaro Home Center 2 to Smartthings hub?

I live in the UK. I bought a few months ago a Fibaro Home Center 2. It lacks scenes integration with Philips Hue. I am not going to change my bulbs, it was a big investment as I have 12 of them around the house plus Philips dimmer switches.

How far the integration with Philips Hue is possible with Smartthings? For example. If a motion sensor is triggered, can I create a scene to automatically switch on a hue bulb? Believe me, this is not possible with Fibaro without advanced coding which I don’t want to do.

Another scene, If I leave the house, and the alarm is triggered by an opening of a window, can I trigger a siren and at the same time switch on and off lights across all the house?

One more generic question, what are the limitations that you feel should be fixed by Smartthings?

Is there a complete list of compatible devices that work in the UK?

Thank you!

Hi Sergio,

The use-cases are quite simple to build with the right tools eg CoRE a community smartapp where you can build various logics of triggers, conditions and actions - pretty much like the coding but object based so you plug it together in the app …

The lack is integration with Hue if you ask me - the hue dimner switches dont share the state at all times of your bulbs but the hun will every 5 minutes which makes an override by switch with short lived actions impossible eg you have a timeout that 1 minute after motion stops it turns the lights off due to the 5 minute sync to smartthings it will turn the lights off if you switched it on manually with the hue dimmer switch … I have removed my hue hub now, sold my switches which sold indtantly on ebay and connected Osram bulbs and switches now (switches were bought via amazon in the US took 7 days) … The Hue bridge seemed to be very limited as well … Wasnt impressed by scenes etc but you can build all this in ST as well …

The smart home monitor has a few limitations which I was able to rectify with CoRE myself …

A real bummer is that majority runs in the cloud so if you internet goes down most functions will no longer work and the system has been quite unstable over the last 12 months or longer but recebtly it seems to be quite ok …

Sometimes you wonder if the smartapps directly delivered by smartthings or the devicehandlers arent built for purpose but fairly simply put together to deliver a specific functionality but this hasnt been thought through all the way - but the community is very helpful to change this as feature requests or pullrequests for improvements almost never get implemented at least as long as I am using it …

Any more spocific questions? Happy to help

Complete list of devices? I doubt it on the page you find references but they arent updated frequently I would say - search the forum for devices you got in mind as community based device handlers may exist but no official support …

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Smartthings hub is now in front of me, telling me I have an invalid code. What a start! Now waiting for support to come back to me on a week or two?

So Sergio did you go the Smartthings way or stick with your Fibaro?

Be interested in an update :slight_smile:

are you stuck to ST or fibaro HC2?? I would like to know which is better. thanks :slight_smile: