Fibaro fgs-222 dual relay not updating

Hi, first post after much browsing and learning over the past few weeks.

I finally successfully set up this relay to work on two sets of 2-way switched lights. Took a couple of days and ended up having to wire into the ceiling (which luckily I have easy-ish access to) but it all works.

I have successfully created a virtual switch for the second fibaro switch.

When testing the setup earlier today everything worked perfectly. Now I am having an issue where I use the wall switch to turn a light on and in the ST iOS app this isn’t updating so it still appears as off. Same happens the other way around. It’s seems that while the lights are reacting to the switch, this isn’t updating in the app.

Is this a common problem and are there any workarounds?

Hmmmm. Seems I spoke to soon. It seems the switch status is updating but is taking about 10 minutes to do so. Are delays often this big?

One of the things I am controlling is hot water on a timer, but if the ST cloud is this laggy and unreliable it does worry me - I’d hate to come home and find the hot water never turned on (or likewise find it’s constantly on).

Thanks for the reply! I was using the fuzzysb handler(and had also tested the erocm123 handler as it had a switch for turning both switches on, but this function didn’t work for me).

I am now using the handler you suggested and both handlers present the same symptoms, though the lag currently is under 30 seconds. I suspect therefore the delay must be at least partly a server issue rather than a handler issue.

Having just retested erocm123’s Phililo handler there is no lag with that. :confused:

I don’t get any lag using it, just the the status changing in the app when using the physical wall switch.