Fibaro FGRGBW-442 DTH on new app

Just added this ZWave RGBW controller to my network, but the code from codesaur isn’t working well for me.

I have added the DTH, updated the fingerprint info, and applied the DTH to my device. On the iOS app, the configuration elements appear under settings, but the control sliders etc are all missing, and trying to turn on or off returns an error (“A network or server error occurred. Try again later”) even though it turns on/off - sort of.

If I tap the power On icon, it turns on after a second, spins for about 22 seconds, then shows the error. If I then try to power it off, nothing happens - until I choose a color from the “Color Control” section. Then it turns off, spins for about the same time, then gives the same error as above.

It looks like the Controls page only shows standard controls, not any of the custom ones. I have an On/Off line, Timer, Power on, and Power Off section (1 per line), Color Control (may be related to the Color Control attribute defined in the code?), Energy consumption line, Power Meter line, and a Dimmer Control (works if the light is initially off, but the device still shows “Off” at the top, and it still throws the same error).

I’ve got as far as updating the fingerprint since this is a newer device (US v5.0 -442 vs the EUv2.0 -441 that was used by codesaur) but I’m not sure where to go from here since NONE of the controls show up.

This is my first foray into programming a device handler. I’ve spent a few hours digging through the community posts, and it looks like the code referenced above may be for the older app? Is there a guide somewhere to converting to the new app? Or a good example that shows how to create a device handler for the newer Smart Things app?

Any help would be much appreciate. Cheers!

Did you search the forum? There’s an existing discussion thread for this device:

Fibaro RGBW Controller -Needing Device Handler