Fibaro FGR-223 Roller Shutter 3 & Dooya DT52S Curtain Motor - Failing Calibration

Hi, I’m automating the curtains in my home and have tracks with a Dooya DT52S motor along with Fibaro FGR-223 Roller Shutter 3. I’ve added a Device Handler and added the Fibaro units to SmartThings. All wiring is correct and I can manually open and close the curtains fully from the SmartThings app, Alexa and manually using momentary switches.

What I’m unable to do is calibrate the Fibaro 223. I’ve found a couple of threads on various forums but can’t find any solution - altering parameters makes no difference. When starting calibration (3 x 3 second switch activations or using the B button on the module) - instead of going open, close, open, the curtains just drive to the open limit, stop and won’t complete the calibration. The result is that the position shows as incorrect and I usually have to press the manual switch twice to get it it moving. After messing round with one set and getting nowhere I replaced the 223 with a 222 (using the same Device Handler) and that worked first time. I’ve now tried another brand new 223 and motor in a different room but am getting the same results - the 223 just will not calibrate. Can anyone offer any advice other than to stock up on the older 222 model - I’d really like to get this working with the same module throughout.

I have the same problem. Have you figured out a solution for it?

Unfortunately not. I have one on a garage door motor that calibrated and worked fine but I couldn’t get it to work with the Dooya motor - I tried various settings.

I migrated to Hubitat after Christmas and I tried one again with the same results. The older Roller Shutter 2 worked but was not Z Wave Plus and I had to set up an automation to manually refresh the status every 5 minutes which was not ideal. In the end I’ve started to switch out the Roller Shutter 2’s for the Qubino Flush Shutter which works, is Z Wave Plus, and calibrates fine. The only issue with the Qubino (at least with the Hubitat driver) is that it doesn’t update its position, until it completes its movement. I have an automation where I want the garden lights to come on when the curtain opens to 5% but it doesn’t matter whether I send it to 5, 10 or 100% it won’t trigger the automation until it stops moving when the position is reported. Qubino support say that’s normal and the Z Wave specification does not permit repeated unsolicited position reporting (in real time while in motion)