Dooya Motorised Curtain Rails with Fibaro Roller Shutter Module

Hi there guys,

I need help with my current set up with my Dooya motor along with a fibaro roller shutter 2 module. I have had everything set up since June this year and it has been working perfectly until now.

Now when I open and close the curtains, the motor does not seem to stop and causes the motor to keep trying to force the curtain closed even though it’s already closed. It also works in the opposite way when I open it.

I thought this is a calibration problem with the fibaro module but I have calibrated it repeatedly and the same problem still occurs. I have even reset the fibaro module but the same problem still occurs. Does anyone have a solution or have an idea as to if the motor is faulty or if the fibaro module is at fault?

I have attached a video to demonstrate, thanks.