Looking for some info on Fibaro FGBRS-001

Hi people.
Is there a DH to Fibaro FGBRS-001 out here somewhere? or is it true what it says on the box (Works only with Fibaro The heat controller) ??

What it says on the box is correct. It is not a zwave device itself. It is a short range sensor which can only be paired with the Fibaro FGT – 001. one controller head can only be paired with one sensor, and one sensor can only be paired with up to three of the Controller heads.


So it’s an accessory to the Z wave heat controller, but it cannot be used on its own and it does not pair to SmartThings.

tnx JDRoberts.
thats a boomer :frowning: but anyways, tnx. :slight_smile:

then i have one for sale :stuck_out_tongue:

is there some simulare out there i could use ??