Fibaro Double switch issue with the 2nd switch (again but not is different driver)

Hi all;
a few months back when ST changed their inner workings with drivers I had an issue with the fibaro double switches ( here )
i changed the drivers to @Daniele_Ratti using the ‘zwave switch and child mc’ - it was working ok (not perfect) until about 1-2 weeks ago. something happened for sure and now the ‘EDGE_CHILD’ types cannot be accessed.
for example, in the following double switch config:

i can use the Island only and not the kitchen. judging from the date it looks like on 30 july maybe a driver was updated and now edge childs of the driver do not work any more.
any suggestion how to overcome this?

Hi @Guy_Katz

In screenshot posted It seems that it uses the old dth’s for fibaro double switch.

In the app which driver shows as in use?

I am using 2 devices with my driver and they work fine

thanks for commenting. not sure I understand what you mean. I am using the driver stated above.
here is a detailed view of the items above:

unfortunatly, kitchen doesnt work. this is the same behavior for all my house double switches and it started malfunctioning at the same time (about the 30 jul update)…
am i missing something? anything I can do to correct this?


In your screenshots I see that the Island is using the Z-Wave switch and Child Mc driver

the Kitchen is using the Z-Wave switch stock driver and is a EDGE_CHILD

are both s1 and s2 of the same device? Device ids are deleted

Update @Guy_Katz

I don’t know why the advanced users web page allows changing the driver to a edge child device.

If you have changed it then change it back to Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc to see if it works.

If you haven’t changed it then it’s a rare case.

If reassigning the correct driver doesn’t work then delete the kitchen device from the App and recreate it in device preferences

thanks; yes they are the same device (fibaro double switch)
this is the setup since I updated my drivers a few minths back… I didnt change anything since then.
i want to try the removal of the kitchen. should I simply delete it?

where exactly do I go to re-add it?
BTW, I cant assign a different driver to the child - the ST UI states its not supported…

all my double switches are like that :frowning:

Tried to switch to z-wave switch and chid Mc driver on power user web?

If that doesn’t work, remove the kitchen child device from the app

Open the main island device and in preferences uncheck and re-enable “Create single device for switch1”

the child device will appears in the room where is your hub

thanks will try that.
I have noticed I am actually using your channel “Mariano Shared Beta Driver” :slight_smile: (thought it was danniele ratti for some reason)

ok moving away from the child mc driver and back to it again returned to situation to where things are working again. thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo for helping.
due to the fact I have your attention i would like to ask:
in my current state (and the one before the latest problem) after installing your drivers, using the samsung app and trying to switch on a ‘child’ light (from any double module), results in the light turning on (as expected), but the app seem to not get the on notification and it continues spinning like its still trying to switch it on.
usually I use alexa so this problem is not 'seen; but there is a problem with the app usage for sure.
in that case, would you suggest ‘grabing’ one of my double modules and still removing its child and re-adding it as a test case to see if the problem goes away?