Fibaro Dimmer Double Click Action

Hi. I also get the message “please fill out all required fields” even though they are all filled out. On Andriod. Any ideas?

I overcame this by setting the parameters in IDE. Combined with your SmartApp, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

Hi @gileshoughton, did you get this sorted? I’ve just got around to playing with this device and I’m getting the same problem you had.

The explanation by @hajar doesn’t tell me what parameters to set initially and I’m not understanding.

If I set parameter 13 to force auto-calibration it appears to calibrate but does not reset the parameter after and the light does the go out, flash a bit, go out, etc thing…


Edit/ Was it setting 35 Auto-calibration after power on to 1?
That set as well as 13 seems to allow calibration - But I have to then reset both manually!!

I’m afraid not. I had never idea what to set so as good as it looked, I stuck with what I had that was working fine.

With Core you don’t need the app to use S2 with scenes. Just use attribute “scene” on the switch in Core.


Hey @anon36505037, the short answer is yes, it should be possible. Switch actions generate scene events, while mobile app does not use scenes, but works directly. So you could use that fact to achieve what you want. But I suspect it would require some coding.


Don’t know if you have seen my request yet, installed 3 more dimmers today, 2 working Ok, third not working in smart things but is working with wall switched, can you help again please?


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Don’t know what ide or dh is, the other two just worked after I had added them on smart things but unfortunately, doesn’t matter what I do the landing light won’t, I have gone through all the setups of the other working ones and the landing light has exactly the same settings but still no good.

Any ideas?

Roger Dunnaker

Thanks for the reply, yes didn’t understand what the initials meant, done that and the dimmer is correctly labelled, I’m not sure if the lamp is dimmable but changed that parameter for both sand it still not working for smart things, I’m going to try to reset it today and see if that works but if not I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have any further ideas

Roger Dunnaker.


Thanks, have managed to fix it, had to remove it physically and reinstall then re-pair and input all parameters manually, anyway, now working with only one problem, it flickers once before coming on and once before going off, probably a change in one of the parameters but I think I’ll leave it as is for the time being.
Once more, thanks for your help

Roger Dunnaker.

Hi, Can I start by saying this is amazing and looks like exactly what I need. I’m having a little trouble with the configuration though. I’ve got 2 physical toggle switches one connected to S1 and the other to S2 the common on both is connected to Sx (I believe this is the correct way to wire this).

I’ve installed the device handler and the scene smartapp, when I toggle S1 I get two different Scene IDs being broadcast and when I toggle S2 I get another 2 different Scene IDs broadcast.

I’ve used the scene smartapp and successfully got S2 to switch on a philips hue lamp, but I can’t figure out how I stop it from also turning on the light which is physically connected to the fibaro dimmer. Both S1 and S2 switch the main light, can I stop S2 from activating the physical relay in the fibaro? Should I not have connected the common from my second switch to Sx (I can’t see how a single wire connected to a switch would do anything)

Hope this makes sense! Any help would be much appreciated.


Ignore me I was being stupid, it wasn’t updating the parameters I had changed and it worked fine once I enabled 28 and disabled 26. I’m getting some odd behaviour though after first updating the config the light will turn to 1% when first powered on. I can live with this but it seems odd, any idea why this might be happening? Means if I have a power cut potentially all lights will be at 1% next time I try to turn them on.

Hi, I’ve had my Fibaro 212’s for a couple of weeks now and am using hajar’s device handler, which generally works great (big thanks!). I’m having two problems, ones just annoying but the other’s a right pain. I’ve seen similar posts on other threads but my scenario seems a bit more repeatable so let me describe in ase it helps someone figure out the issue…

First the minor one… when i have the dimmer set to a high-ish value and turn it on by just tapping the tile, I see the slider drop DOWN to a lower value briefly then slide back up to the original. It almost always goes back to the right value in the end, but just looks confusing. I’m wondering if the command to get the current level is firing too quickly whle the dimmer is still adjusting the level?

Now the bigger problem… if I go into the settings and adjust any of the parameters and hit done to send them off to the device, the settings seem to take effect but it starts misbehaving on fundamental dimming capability. Its as though it forgets what the brightness range is - dimming to anything below about 70% ish still works (though the resulting brightness seems off) but anything about about 70% and it seems to trigger an overload and shut itself down. Sometimes it then comes back on, but stops at a lower brightness. Spent ages in the code trying to “fix” it, but now I’ve figured out a solid way of getting it back to normal. I have param 35 set to 2 to force auto-calibration at each power up, i turn off the power to the circuit and back on again. Dimmer recalibrates and starts working normally again (and any other parameter changes have taken effect OK).

Well I guess it isn’t a “big” problem in the sense one shouldnt need to change parameters too often, but it seems the parameter setting routine is somehow leaving the dimmer “confused”. I might be suffering more than most as my load is 4x50W halogen which at full power is 200W, close-ish to the limit of 250? I’ve looked at the code and can’t see any obvious bug (I’m a programmer but more c# than groovy!) but I’m wondering if one of the params is being set to the wrong byte size of something like that, and I note some other device handlers do more type conversions in their settings.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

@AnthonyH, I noticed similar issues and fixed them in my own version of the DH.


Nice extra functionality @David, and I really appreciate the good commenting in your code which is so much more readable than most I’ve seen. Sadly however, even with your driver I’m still finding that any attempt to set the parameters through config results in the dimming going completely screwed until I power off the circuit and make it run the auto configure at power on. I tried you get params option and nothing odd reported back that was different from what I expected to see.

Could be a firmware issue i suppose - mine are on 3.4. I’ve seen other threads with similar issues where the load turns itself off at high brightness and people are suspecting its incorrectly detecting an overcurrent issue, I just cant see why setting parameters is going to be breaking something related to that set by auto calibration. When I get a chance I’m going to start commenting out chunks of the config setting code and see if I can narrow this down to any one parameter thats causing the issue, or whether it really is ANY attempt to set anything. Will post back my results but it might be a few days.

Done my detailed testing… can now confirm that any attempt to set parameters 1 or 2 is what causes the dimmer to start behaving erratically, including turning itself off when too bright and report invalid dimming values. Makes sense once you realise those are really meant to be set automatically by the devie during its auto setup process. I did note the values returned by the get config and it may be safe to plug those back in to the settings screen. But for now I’ve commented out the set lines for param1, param2 and (also related to auto configure) param13. So now I can safely update any other settings without screwing things up.

Long term approach would probably be to provide an extra option in the config pages to determine whether its safe to send those params to the dimmer, with a default of “no” - most people would never want to change them. May give that a go when I find enough time. I’m also considering adding a “button” capability to the device and interpreting those scene values as pushes of buttons 1 through 6 or whatever… might be easier for people wanting the button pushes to base conditions in CoRE etc than trying to use the expert mode and trigger on “scene” values like 24, 26 etc which are pretty unintuitive!

One final note David, I spotted you have left a couple of lines with hard coded NodeID of 10 in the association group 5 code. I’ve updated my local copy to put the default hub ID back in there.

For the scene activation on the smart app…is it possible to switch items in a given order and perhaps also inject a delay between ?
Reason being, I have an smart outlet which powers the Tv, amp etc. So must have that powered first before starting the tv activity. Hence running certain things in order and injecting delays between.
Or perhaps there’s another way around it?

Any ideas?

Sorry for the stupid question here - but I can’t find the attribute ‘scene’ in my switch in CoRE. Any pointers?

I managed to find a good answer to this question by turning on Expert mode in CoRE. Now I am having an issue with not always getting the single/double/triple click scene triggers. I always get Scene 12 (Hold) and Scene 13(Release), but only occasionally the multi clicks.

Any thoughts here - this is for S1 input.

Ive been trying to get this working, however getting nowhere. Ive installed 2x 212 dimmers, the device handler and the smart app. When i configure the dimmer in the app it keeps showing the error that i haven’t populated a option field. This shows whatever i do. I went onto the webpage filled in EVERY option. If i then go into the app on my android phone it will show a field is incorrectly filled in even though everything is filled in.

If i configure on the webpage it will take the config however will not actually do anything.

I have noticed also if i hit the “Configure” button in the device it does nothing.

Just trying to get the second button to turn my led strip lights on and off!