Fibaro Dimmer and Dual White LED Strip

If I use a Fibaro dimmer with my hub, will I be able to control the temperature of the light right out of the box? Thanks for the advice.

If it helps, this is one set of lights I’m looking at. Page shows a wiring diagram. Thanks.

Oops, didn’t get the link in the last post:

Thanks. I’m going with the dual whites because I have no intention of using color and I prefer the increase lumen output relative to what a RGBW will give me.

Robin, why do you say that the temp changes between cool and warn by dimming? I should be able to control the temp and somewhat independently, no? Warm leds at 50%, cold leds at 50%, give me middle white at 50% brightness. Set both warm and cold leds to 100%, and I get middle white at 100% brightness. Warm led’s off, cold led’s at 100% give me cold light at ~50% brightness I could have with a middle white. Right, or am I missing something? I imagine I accomplish this by connecting each of the LED white colors as seperate colors on the Fibaro RGBW. But can ST/Fibaro understand that I have two colors of white, not Red and Green.

5 independent channels and WAY cheaper. If just using W and WW strips, you get a lot of options with 5 channels, independent control for multiple cabinets off one controller for example.

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