Fibaro Dimmer - again

Hi all,

First off please bear with me! I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading regarding the Fibaro dimmers and integrating with ST but I still haven’t convinced myself that it’s simple enough for me to invest in.

My end goal is Nest thermostat, Fibaro dimmers, harmony hub and all controlled by an Amazon Echo.

I’m confident with wiring up the dimmers as I’m a qualified electrician (the only bit I’m actually confident with) I’d hoped that the intergration would be as simple as connect up the dimmer, search for the Fibaro dimmer and woosh away we go!

However ive frightened myself off with all of the reading around the parameters and codes for what I believe should be simple tasks such as a double press of a switch turns off something else or a double press turns the lights to a preset dim. It seems we are currently relying heavily on community members writing code for work arounds and Smartthings aren’t forth coming with any “in house” solutions.

Whilst I don’t consider myself an expert I’m certainly no technophobe and would hope I’d be able to grasp the coding at some stage or at least implementing other people’s code. I’m hoping I don’t NEED to go down this route for basic integration. Its reasons like this that I believe people are leaning towards apps like Yonomi (although Yonomi can’t handle Zwave obviously).

Please please somebody tell me I’m wrong and tell me it’s all as easy as it should be!