Fibaro Dimmer 2 Sync Pending

Fibaro reached out to us about something similar earlier this year. They wrote the DTH that’s being used, but forgot that some of the older versions of the dimmer 2 (versions <= 3.04) don’t support configuration parameter 38 and will get stuck like you said. I wonder if they’ve put out another revision perhaps and had a similar oversight…

In the meantime, can you check the device details page from the IDE ( and tell me what “ver” is listed for your device in the “raw info” section?

Hi thanks for replying! It’s ver:3.04 so that might explain the problem??

Hm. I put in a workaround for it, but it sounds like it may not be working for you. Can you share a screenshot of the device details page? Specifically the device data?


Thanks for your help. Does this contain the data you need?

Fibaro dimmer 2 have issues on the current hub firmware. A beta is out that fixes the problem

And the general release is planned for today

Current version is:

So I should see an update to fix this issue today, is there any way to force it!?

Are there any other suggestions given the firmware version I have? Otherwise I guess it’s a pretty useless device to use with Smartthings… Thanks

I think I have the latest firmware but still no fix?

Have you excluded and included the device again? I think there was something going wrong when the device was added with the old firmware


Yes, I have re-added it a couple of times and there no change.

Depending on which handler I use I get either “Sync pending” or “sync incomplete”.


Hey, We released 0.27.8 yesterday, I just want to make sure if you have had a chance to exclude and re-include the device using 0.27.8.


Yes, I have. I did that again a couple of times this morning.


And you are still having the problem?

Yes, I’m afraid so.

I should say, using IDE

Still same problem over here (v3. 05).

  • “sync incomplete”, stuck at param 6.
  • not possibile to turn on/off or dim

Classic app.
Fibaro DTH.
Hub 2015, latest firmware.


Any update on the problem. I have version 3.05 and I cannot rely on status in either the classic or the new app. Seems like webcore actions often not take place. Can you help out?

Any News on this?

I’m on latest firmware, hub V3, and immer 3.05. Status is not getting updated in the app when turned ON/OFF manaully uising physical switch. Status is mostly updated correctly if controlled from smartthings app - but never when fired from webcore pistons.

Not really usable for automations in its current state.

Anyone still experiencing issues here, and know of some way to fix this?


Firmware Version 000.028.00012

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
    Raw Description zw:Ls type:1101 mfr:010F prod:0102 model:1000 ver:3.05 zwv:4.24…