Fibaro Dimmer 2 - S1/SX not working


I’ve got 1 Fibaro dimmer 2 + Fibaro ByPass 2. I’ve successfully calibrated and paired the dimmer to my Smarthings and I can turn on/off in the Smarthings app (and also dim it a bit, it doesn’t have the full range).

The big problem is that I can’t use the wall switch. Nothing is happening with the lamp when I turn the switch (which is a toggle), nor there are any logs in Live Logging. Do you know what I’ve can have done wrong? How can I debug this?

Here is a picture of the Fibaro connections:
Here is a picture of the switch (I’ve tested it on another place and it is working):
Here is a picture of how I connected the Bypass:

My end goal is to remove the lamp and only use it to control the other devices in the room via Scene commands

Here are my settings I’ve changed (taken from smarthings IDE):
configParam32 enum 1
configParam28 enum 1
configParam20 enum 1
configParam13 enum 2

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I apologize for long waiting time for my answer.

The problem may be incorrect switch connection. Could you send me a photo of the switch connection diagram?
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