Fibaro Dimmer - Parameter 14. How do I set?

Hi all - I installed a Fibarao Dimmer and its working but not in a controlled way. I think I need to set Parameter 14 to 1 (Toggle Switch) however, I can not work out how to set the device parameters…

Im running SmartThings on my Windows phone. When I find the device and go into settings there are no mention of parameters…

An pointers please?

Many thanks,


Uh yep. I have the same query.
I would have thought this was a popular device - is there no custom device type for it which would allow this to be done amongst other things ?

Finding it quite hard to find stuff via the community forums at the moment.

Hi, Is there anyone out there ?

I have changed parameter 14 (I think) but the physical switch now doesnt turn the light on and off at all, however it does cause the indicator to show on or off on the smartthings device.
I have tried to change parameter 10 to 0, but no change in behaviour.

Is there a way to change associations because I have found this stuff about getting the Fibaro Dimmer (211) to work…!topic/openzwave/obqXdPNGAR4

How do I see who is on line in the community forums ? Can anyone help advise a newbie ?