Fibaro Dimmer 2 Ceiling Rose Installation

I am looking to fit a Fibaro Dimmer 2 module. In the living room, which I am looking to hook up first, I have a two wire, two way switch with one switch in the living room and the other in the kitchen. There isn’t room in the switch box for the unit so I am looking at putting it into the ceiling rose which should have space.

My first question is that I am not 100% sure on the existing wiring of this light (perhaps I should start upstairs where it is more clear and simple). Below is a photo of the arrangement so hopefully someone can help?
The switched Live and Neutral into the light itself are clear but I assume that I have a junction box in the ceiling given that there isn’t a direct connection between the two switches in the ceiling rose. There are then bundles of lives and neutrals each with 4 cables in and these are connected to a single chocolate block. This is not what I expected based on the below (which is exactly how the upstairs is wired).

My second question is, once I have identified the additional wires, if I were to fit the Fibaro in the ceiling rose, given that there is a separate junction box would I wire it up as if it were a single toggle switch? This looked to be the case for the Dimmer 1 module but this wiring diagram doesn’t exist for the Dimmer 2. If so then most of it is clear, except which wire I use for the “com” live feed for the switch. Is that one of the cables bundled together and I need to work out which it is?

Thanks, much clearer now. I guess it doesn’t matter if my switches are two core because wiring it in the ceiling rose it will have a neutral anyway?

So from my picture above I am clear which is L (can take it from the grouped lives), S1 (the switched live which is black in my photo and marked with red tape?), N (can take it from the grouped neutral wires) and the Load which is directly connected to the live of the light. However, which do I take as the switch common? Have I missed something and it is marked in the group of lives? Or do I need to get the multimeter out and find which one has continuity with the switched live?

Yep and that goes to S1. But which goes to Sx?

Thanks yes. I will just have to dig a bit deeper until I can see the flex as well.

Thanks for your help Robin for the purposes of anyone else finding their way here the wiring diagram above works perfectly for a 2 way toggle switch.

The only piece of information required to complete the setup is the following custom device type handler [RELEASE] Fibaro Dimmer 2 (US) to be able to set the parameters of the fibaro.

About to order another!

Cool, so the US device handler worked with the EU version? The author (Eric M) wasn’t so sure it would. Might try that DH myself since I quite like what Eric does with his code.

I had t even thought of that. Is there another version? Certainly the toggle switch parameter works fine. I don’t really want to use any of the other settings anyway.

Thought I’d share this, maybe of use to someone.

I’ve just fitted a fibaro dimmer at the ceiling rose and used this:

The metal bracket slotted behind the existing ceiling rose wiring plate and the new dome had lots of room to house the fibaro dimmer and a fibaro bypass

Saved hacking any ceiling and pushing the fibaro in the void and all the light wiring stayed in place on the existing ceiling rose wiring plate.

I replaced the E27 end with the old B22 end

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