Differences between Fibaro FGD-212 and 211


I’m trying to figure out what the main differences between the Fibaro FGD-212 and 211 are? I know one is up to 250W and the other 500W, but what else is there? Do both work with ST?

I’d like to use the 211 with a multi-pendant lamp I’ve got that pulls 360W.


both should work as a basic dimmer with smart things, but you can’t change the settings or use advanced features without a specific device type (or a secondary controller).

The major differences include;
212 is the latest version 211 is older.
how they cope with dimming the 212 supports both leading edge and trailing edge and automatically selects the best. the 211 doesn’t (think it is trailing edge only, can’t remeber). This just means you can use more different tyeps of bulb withous flickering.
the 212 supports energy metering the 211 doesn’t,
also the minimum load is 25W for the 211 and 50w minimum for the 212. (but you can buy a bypass to use a smaller load)
The 212 uses the more advanced Zwave plus the 211 uses normal zwave (you can mix and match)

I have the 211s across my house, and had to change options on them using a USB Zwave controller, as I am using toggle rather than momentary switches.

The price is the same in most places so the trade off is really if you want energy metering or more choice of bulb go with the 212
if you want to use larger loads or you want to use smaller loads without extra cost get the 211.

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remember however the load of the lamp is dictated by the type of bulb you use… so you might be able to get away with the newer 212 if you change your bulbs to LEDS, energy saving bulbs or halogens, without sacrificing the lumens.

Thanks for that very comprehensive explanation. I think I will have to go for the older 211. The light I want to switch has beautiful squirrel cage filament bulbs. Nine of them at 40W each. There are LED equivalents, but they are nowhere near as beautiful…

ahhh sounds nice, and explains why such a high load, yeh sounds like the 211 is the one for you, I have found them to be reliable and well put together, and fibaro even give great support if anything does go wrong.

There is a warning about FGD-211 in Norway and Sweden.
Use FGD-212.

Sorry in Norwegian, try google translate.