FGBS-222 included, but not detected


I bought a couple of Fibaro FGBS-222 and am unable to add them to the hub. Actually, looking from Implants side inclusion seems successful but the device is never show on the Looking for devices screen. From the Fibaro side everything looks as expected, when you power it up first time the LED is red (not included). Triple-click, LED starts blinking yellow and soon turns green, meaning that the inclusion was successful. No device is ever show in the app. Afterwards I can do status check on Fibaro, green light means “added without Security S2 Authenticated” and Zwave range test (green, communicating directly to hub). Smartthings still knows nothing about the device. Has anybody seen anything like this before? What gives? Live logging doesn’t reveal anything useful.

Did you add a device handler for these? There isn’t one as standard and I do not believe the FGBS-001 (Binary sensor) handler will work without changes.

Shouldn’t the device still appear as a Thing without proper handler? At least this is my previous experience with exotic devices. I would figure out the handler later.

There is a bug with handlers going stale. If you have any community handlers installed, re-publish all of them, exclude and re-add.

In theory yes, but not in this case. The green light tells you it included OK. All I can think kit is cannot figure out which handler to use and goes into limbo. If you know the device ID it included with (maybe looking at hub events direct inclusion) you could manually add a generic device with that ID?

OK, grabbing the ID from the log and creating device manually got me SOMEWHERE. Now I have to start playing around with the handlers. Thanks everyone.

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