Feedback on Sirens, which to pick

Looks like On and Off are already in the code. Just add capability switch.

Here I made the change you need

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got it now… .

thanks a lot…also tested with alexa and now works…

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I created both of those device handlers. The first one I wrote was somewhat limited and then I worked with the manufacturer to create the second one which has a tile for each sound.

After several failed attempts at convincing the manufacturer the switch capability is necessary, I gave in and removed it. I brought up the issue again with them a few days ago, but I’m still waiting for a response.


@mictha1 if that’s accurate then I believe you guys made a mistake, please consider fixing it. Would also really appreciate info on how loud the siren actually is at each setting.


only reason i made up my mind in getting this particular siren was because @micthat1 was kind enough to provide somewhat support with the product only to turn out the device handler is inadequate…

i think the siren is loud enough to be heard outside my house (in close proximity), and in the basement.

reason i know this, is because it got triggered today when my basement windows opened up from strong winds (yep that strong) as i got startled i asked alexa to turn it off and she was clueless! turns out the siren is not on her device list which i assumed it was as i had her discover several times between saturday and today… its a pity…

I don’t think that is fair. This is a very well written DH, one of the best I have seen. It’s inadequacy lies in your wanting to treat it like a switch which I can see going either way. In my opinion adding the switch capability enhances it and doesn’t really hurt it. Some purist might say “But it’s not a switch” but its a switch capability NOT a device type or classification or something like that. Switch is supported by many Smart Apps and really opens up a device when it’s added. I add it to a lot of my custom DH code. If it is isn’t added to the official DH for the siren I will never use the official version. No skin off my back either way but it’s a bummer that based on things like this almost all of my DH code is custom and then SmartThings always replies to my requests for support with custom DH not supported.

I don’t understand this part because discovery alone doesn’t work unless you grant permission to access your switches. So even with switch capability it wouldn’t just work. When you tried to add the permission to access this switch you would have noticed it wasn’t in the list of available devices to grant permission to. Same issue really but it never would have just worked on it’s own after discovery. Just pointing that out in a friendly way, unless I am missing something here :slight_smile:

Thanks @mictha1 and @krlaframboise for this device and the SmartThings support. I vote +1 on added switch capability in case you care to know.


Under the zwave standard, if it accepts a “basic” command to turn on/off, it’s a Switch. That includes bulbs, wall switches, outlets, pocket sockets, micros, and, yes, sirens. It may do a lot of other things as well, but it’s a switch. :wink:


For those rigging up a 12v siren to a z-wave outlet, dont forget that you need a AC to 12v dc adapter between the outlet and siren.

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It’s literally a 1 line change to fix this problem and after seeing how many issues it’s causing, I’m pretty sure they’re going to let me add that line back to the device handler.

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The SmartThings Alexa SmartApp is one of the few SmartApps that has an option for granting access to all devices. If that’s enabled, asking alexa to discover new devices automatically picks up new devices without having to do anything extra.

If the DTH supported the switch capability it would have automatically worked the way @macombweare expected it to.


Im sorry did not mean it to come out as unfair. I just merely stated the facts. I wasnt sure which siren to get with the concern that i may not be able to disarm it as soon as i need to. i was made to think i can disarm it with no problem and as easy as telling alexa to disarm it…worse, looks like the DH developer even made it known there was a needed capability switch that they ignored to implement?

anyways, ive moved on, i agree im happy with it too… only thing i might get a powered siren next time assuming this happens again without the siren being disarmed and the battery drains…

thank you again @ron for helping me out with the updated DH

i may be new to smartthings but i did figure out how to have alexa discover devices as i usually have and from there Alexa would be able to turn them on or off… the siren was not on the list because it did not have the capability switch? otherwise more for me learn with automation…and im willing to learn its cool :slight_smile:

anyways lets move on.

See, I was missing something, haha. I didn’t know it could do that. I have mine selecting because I have a LOT of switches, virtual switches and devices I don’t want controlled by Alexa like a Garage Door opener.

@macombweare Sorry to have doubted your description of expected behavior. I didn’t realize Alexa App had that feature.

Agreed, we should be all good now. I have selected my Siren as well so soon I will be playing around with this DH and it’s behavior.

Yes Alexa and sirens I have had also not had much luck but this morning I opened a window for something and all three sirens went off. I told GH to turn off panic and they all shut off instantly. GH has some quirks but I am migrating more to GH. I have 3 with one more coming. I will still use the 3 echos 1 tap and 5 dots I have just because they are handy for simple light turn offs and music and I buy allot off amazon. But GH as proven yesterday with my daughters homework and with most home automation is just better IMO.

Google Home is MUCH better at answering questions and searching the internet because it has access to …well…Google. Amazon Echo uses Bing, end of story there.

I have both in my kitchen and GH is even better at controlling my lights sometimes but maybe because I only authorized the lights close so it’s has 4 lights while my Echo’s controls a large number of devices and switches so more to sift through.

I am curious how did you link your alarm to GH. Does it treat it like a switch as Echo does or did it have the smarts to connect to an alarm system ? It seems to me if it treats it like a switch then it should work the same as Echo so I don’t understand why it worked better in your case.

I dunno. Alexa never saw my sirens. I have 3 areotec. But I had them grouped in rooms and when I said to GH turn on living room the siren when on too. So I created a room called panic in GH and works like a charm. Alexa can’t find my sirens. Let me double check right now. It does see them but it does nothing with them. I dunno why. GH you just have to nickname everything because if you say living room light the whole room is turning on or off which ever you asked. And I just love when it doesn’t here a room and I get ok turning on 64 lights. Of course that lights and fans.

Sorry about the tardiness, I didn’t check this yesterday! @macombweare, I’m glad everything worked out, and considering the response from everyone, we’ll work with @krlaframboise to add back the Switch functionality =) @Ron, we always appreciate feedback, keep it coming!

Also, I got loudness data back (@Ron & @marktheknife) - the Siren measured 90dB, 100dB, and 110dB at 1" from the speaker.



I’ve added the switch capability and published the new version.


@krlaframboise I just made a small alteration to your DH you might want to consider. You are using the multiAttributeTile but only placing one attribute in it so far. I added Battery level by adding the following to the mutli-tile.
> …

                                        attributeState "chime", 
					action: "off", 
					backgroundColor: "#cc99cc"
               tileAttribute ("device.battery", key: "SECONDARY_CONTROL") {
                  attributeState "battery", label:'Battery: ${currentValue}%', unit:"%"

Looks like this now

Thomas, you wrote that you own a PS15Z Module. May I ask which DTH you use for it and whether it works reliably? I own a Monoprice 15903 which looks exactly the same and I’m wondering if they are actually identical. The DTH I’m using, which was coded by another community member, does not work 100% for me.

It’s been a while since I installed that device but I’m sure that I used the Generic DTH that came up on Smartthings. I don’t use any community member DTH on my ST setup. I use that appliance module to power the siren of my alarm still to this day and its been super reliable. Probably one of the most reliable modules I have on my ST system.