Feedback on new ST app

HI, I have just migrated (manually)to the new ST app after resisting for a while as the classic app worked.
But the new app has come a long way and now is fairly good, but I have found a few issues / bugs that I thought I would share.
So, these are the issues I found below. Worth mentioning

  1. When opening the app the home screen (in particular the SHM) is very slow to load and sometimes requires you to kill the app totally ( but remain logged in) I had this same problem with the classic app a while ago and ST told me it was a known issues which they would not fix on the classic app… Guess what they did as the next release of the classic app fixed it, but now the same issue has found its way into the new app. Very annoying if you need to disarm the system quickly when the alarm is triggered by accident.

  2. When logging out and back into the new ST app you lose how you have set up the home screen and all devices re-appear. Also, the favourites disappear from the scenes, so you have to reconfigure the home screen back to how you like. This needs fixing I think as a real pain.

  3. When amending an automation if you try to change a devices parameter and then save the change you get network error. Way around this is to remove the device from the automation and re-add it in with the new parameter.

  4. When trying to delete an automation the network error occurs again. The work around is to delete lines in the automation first such as a device, condition, action etc then it lets you delete the automation.

  5. When selecting a time in an automation the minutes scroll wheel jumps and if difficult to set to the setting you want, annoying and I am sure a simple fix.

  6. The delay feature in automation is great and a welcome addition, however I found you cannot combine the auto off with the delay feature, annoying as this would be useful. I have an automation to delay a switch turning on, but only want the switch to turn on for a minute and then turn off. Can’t do it with one automation had to use two. Hopefully, ST will update on future releases.

In general I now like the new ST app, if they can fixes these few minor things … it would be very good then.

P.S also some new wallpapers or ability to select your own would be a nice touch.

Be interesting to hear others feedback on the new ST app

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