Feature Request: User Selectable Information on Dashboard

If this was mentioned before i’m sorry.

It would be awesome to be able to display temps/humidity/CO2 levels… etc on the dahsboard. Either have an area that we can select what we want to display there or have it deisplay on the big banner at the top of the app.

Being user selectable is key, i want to be able to decide what values are there.

Anyone else interested in something like this?

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Agreed, I try to use the things page for this, but one of the downsides of the things page is that you can only select one piece of information for each thing to display without going into it. If there was a page in the app that allowed us to select pieces of information and pick the sensors (possibly picking the same sensor more than once), that would be great!

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This is exactly what we need.

at some point I believe Ben mentioned the top of the app where the photo is will have selectable information on it. I believe temp etc was discussed