Feature request: send email notification when something happens


This would be similar to sending SMS and push notification from a smart app, but I could enter an email address instead of a phone number.
IFTTT doesn’t work in the UK or someone might not want to register with IFTTT for any reason so would be great to have this as a native option.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Great request…

Maybe we would be getting closer to having various messaging methods implemented as Dev Types if SmartThings would evaluate and consider stuff under the Capability Types Suggestions Category… But they’ve given no feedback at all… @slagle?

(Glen King) #3

Email notifications would be hugely advantageous. Some of us live in a wifi-only world (it’s much cheaper lol), and sometimes a wifi network might not be available to our portable device while our work email might be perfectly operational. So receiving a notification of a security breach at my work email would be awesome.

(Glen King) #4

Update: using the sendsilentmail Tasker plugin, I have ST sending alerts out of yahoo mail any time there is a new “intrusion detected” in the notifications of the android tablet. Gmail didn’t work, but yahoo mail does.

So now my work email receives an alert for any intrusion.
Next up will be to have Tasker make the tablet’s camera capture five minutes of video when these intrusions occur, and send it to cloud storage.