Trigger lights or sound alert based on email?

Hi everyone,
So i tired looking for this but cant seem to find a way after ifttt shut down gmail.
here is my scenario. I have a camera watching a door and will send me an email if motion is detected between xyz time. this is great but thats usually when im asleep and dont hear my phone. so i was thinking if there is a way to tie in the email notification to maybe trigger smartthings to sound my dome siren and or turn on lights or anything so that i can wake up from that.
I know a little, very little about webcore but not enough to know if its possible to integrate email and webcore. i can setup the webcore to turn on lights and sound the alarm and all that but dont know how to set it up to check for emails from a specific sender.
any help will be greatly appreciated.

A good place to post your webcore questions is their community forum. They love helping users by answering questions and assisting with building pistions :slight_smile: