Linking TCP light switch with smartthings app?

Hi all . I have just started using the smart things app and action tiles and I love it. I managed to get most of my smart bulbs , sonof in line switches working fine . But my tcp wall switch won’t work . The other devices that were connected to the same app (smart home , ewe link, plusminus ) came up ok when I linked the accounts , but my light switch and a couple of bulbs didn’t . I only assume they are not compatible . I have read that I can do a virtual switch or something, but I can’t figure it out . Can anyone help , without paying out for an expensive light switch

I do not have a hub, I’m just using the app

The switch is made by TCP and controlled on the plus minus app . The other devices controlled by the same app work ok . Is there a way to get this done ?

I am not familiar with TCP switches or the Plus Minus App, but there are 3 possible options:

  1. If the switch has an Alexa Integration you could create a Simulated Alexa Switch (SAS) in the SmartThings IDE (SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.) . Create on & off routines, in the Alexa app and use the SAS to trigger those routines.

  2. If the switch has an IFTTT channel you could create a virtual or simulated switch in SmartThings and use the virtual switch to trigger on and off Applets that you create in IFTTT. You can create 3 free Applets in IFTTT.

  3. If the TCP switch is a Smart Life/Tuya device you could par that switch with the Smart Life or Tuya apps. In that Smart Life or Tuya app you can create on and off tap-to-run automations (scenes). Then run the Tuya integration in SmartThings. The on and off scenes will get imported into SmartThings, but will show off line. You will need to create a virtual switch in SmartThings to to control these scenes.

None of this options are optimal for a switch. These are one way automations and when you manually operate the switch, SmartThings will NOT know that the state changed.

Thank you for your reply

They are Alexa controlled at the moment . But I really like action tiles and smartthings so I wanted to create an automation tablet for easier use (for the mrs)

I looked at doing a sas In smart things but I really don’t understand it . I’m not very tech savvy .

I also downloaded ifttt and tried to figure it out . But all the cue’s do t seem to relate etc

The devices are already linked to the smartlife app and plus minus app, but when I linked my accounts to ST , only some of the items could be used . I assume some just aren’t compatible . I have 4 identical looking smart bulbs . Only 2 will work . But I just had a look at them and the 2 that don’t work , are a different brand to the ones that do . So I think it’s just a compatibility problem .

I think it’s best if I look for a new switch which will be compatible

Thank you for your help

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For devices in the SmartLife App you can easily determine compatibility with SmartThings, IFTTT, etc. by opening the device in the SmartLife App then click on the edit icon (pencil) in the upper right hand corner. The page that opens will list any 3 part controls (integrations) that are available. Alexa and Google Assistant will be listed along with any other system it is compatible with. I have 5 SmartLife devices, and only one is listed as compatible with SmartThings, and none are compatible with IFTTT.
If they are NOT compatible with SmartThings where is a work around.

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That’s good to know . I just looked . And some definitely don’t have smart things in there so I’ll have a look for some new devices .

Thank you

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The following the work around for SmartLife deviced that do not have a SmartThings integration:

In the SmartLife or Tuya apps create separate “tap-to-run” on and off automations (scenes) for each device you want to use in SmartThings.

In SmartThings run the Tuya integration. Do NOT use the SmartLife integration. The difference between the SmartLife and Tuya integrations is that the Tuya integration doesn’t end with an error message. And when you look on linked services the imported scenes are listed under Tuya, unlike SmartLife which is blank.

When you go back to the main page in SmartThings you will find on and off switches for each device at the very bottom of the page in the “No Room Assigned” section.

They will probably say they are off line, ignore that for now.

Create a virtual switch in SmartThings for each SmartLife device. This can be done using “create a device in the IDE” or using SmartThings Labs (3 dots in upper right corner of SmartApps) in the mobile app.

Using SmartThings automations create 2 automations. One will say toggle the “on” scene when the virtual switch is turned “on”. The second will say toggle the “off” scene when the virtual switch is turned “off”.

Or use a WebCore piston for each device. The first part of the piston say toggle the “on” scene when the virtual switch is turned “on”. The second part of the piston say toggle the “off” scene when the virtual switch is turned “off”.

Reportedly Sharptools can also be used, but I have never tried it.

I have been using this method for months with no issues.


Thank you . I’ll give that a go

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