Brilliant Smart - Dumb Bathroom Heater/Fan/Light and Smart Switch

Doing a bathroom reno, and I like the idea of this device. It comes with the dumb unit and a ‘Brilliant Smart’ wifi switch.

I’d really like to be able to use a zigbee wall switch, my concern is the power delivery for the 1000W heater.

Can anyone say if this brilliant gear can be integrated into smartthings? And if not, is there a suitable zigbee wall switch I can use?

Any alternative solutions available? Surely I’m not the first to smart up a bathroom?!

Looks like it may only work through IFTTT, which will be a cloud-based solution. I found limited EF solutions and was not wanting to replace exhaust fan, so I ended up doing a retrofit of my existing exhaust fan and relaxing my existing can light with a zigbee one, an aeotec sensors (occupancy/ RH programmed) and a Zooz scene switch. This gives me full st integration and light and sensor worked locally even before Edge was integrated (started this week for this set up). I did not need a new fan or IR lamp though.

At the minimum you should be able to get a 1 way integration using the Tuya integration.

Yeah thanks, I’m not going down the IFTTT path again.

Ideally, I’d just like to get a suitable zigbee wall switch that can handle the load.

Thank you, I have a number of other tuya devices working this way. Hoping we come far enough along to not have to do it this way though!

I am assuming you are in Australia due to the fan link you provided, so your voltage would be 220 - 240 volts. It looks like the total load is 1070 watts. At that voltage a 1070 watt load is only drawing 4.5 to 4.9 amps with the vast majority of that load being resistive heating elements. Just about any switch out there should handle that load. Typical switches are rated for 10 - 16 amps resistive loads.

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That’s correct, I am in Australia.

So something like the Nue wall switches will be ok you think? They state 300W per gang.

No that would not work. You are at 1070 watts combined with 1000 watts at the heater alone.

Multi gang switches might be a problem. I was thinking of single gang switches when I said 10 to 16 amps. ratings

I am in US and not familiar with what would be available in Australia.

If you need separate gangs for the light, fan and heater. You could possibly use a single gang switch for the heater and a 2 gang switch for the light and fan.

Ok, thanks again. Trying to avoid having extra wall plates, so it sounds like I’m back to the supplied wifi 3 gang.

Unless anyone has any other ideas? 2 layer relays a thing? High load relay behind one of the zigbee switches? I don’t know enough about electrics :s

That sounds like a good idea. You could use one gang to control a 16 amps relay for the heater circuit and directly control the light and fans with the other 2 gangs.

You can NOT directly wire the relay shown to the switch. You would need to connect them via automations. There may be other relays that can be hard wired.

The big question is will you have room for all the equipment in your electric box?

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