Feature Request - Notification on Power Loss/Inactive

(Cj) #1

Would be nice if the ‘Cloud’ could notify the primary contact when the smart hub was no longer communicating. Yes, this could be more than just a power outage, but in any case, it would be a nice feature.

(Dan Lieberman) #2

@CJ – Great suggestion! That’s something that we’ve been thinking about for a while, so I’ll bring it up with the engineering team and see what it would take to get implemented and where it sits on the priority list.

(Aldaronde) #3

I would like to add my name to this suggestion. Since getting my smart things I think I have had 3 or 4 instances where my hub went inactive. Another thing would be if I could force a hub restart remotely. Much like Apple’s wifi utility on computers can force a base station to restart.

(T Usere) #4

add me to this too - It would also be nice to be notified when a particular thing stops responding the the hub. Maybe even gray it out on the app if it hasn’t communicated in a while.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #5

Yes, I would love to see this feature!!

(Steve Meyer) #6

This would be a nice feature for when I’m on the road & the hub is unreachable for commands, or for quickly identifying misbehaving Things. That said, it would be even more helpful if the hub could continue to operate in some sort of limited offline mode while disconnected from the cloud.

Last week a strong storm blew through the Detroit area, and knocked out both internet & cellular for 48 hours. Even though I had generator power & my local LAN was up - all automation halted & I couldn’t add new Things until cloud connectivity was restored.

(Klynch494) #7

Yes to the power outage notification and the remote hub restart.

(Patrick B) #8

Yes, I would like to see this feature implemented as well.

(Andrew Urman) #9

The latest iOS app release notifies you if your hub is offline. Back in the early days devices used to gray out when inactive but we phased it out.

I think the UI people are looking on the best way to accomplish this again.

(Jay) #10

+1 on this, specially for adding this functionality to Android. Today I happen to discover that my Hub was offline for 6 hrs without me knowing about it. Very frustrating :frowning:

(Brian S) #11

Earlier this week my internet was down at my cabin - I wasn’t there but both my Nest thermostat and my Smart Things were offline.

The Smart things App did indicate that the hub was not online when I went into the App but it would sure be nice if a text could automatically be sent in this instance and again when things are back online.

Does anyone have an App for this they would care to share?

I am no programmer but it seems that something similar to the “Notify Me When” app could work if the hub status can be used as the trigger.

Thoughts anyone?

(The Worm) #12

Yes my hub went off 2 times this week but I wasn’t notified… only noticied because my bedroom light that is supposed to turn on at sunset wasn’t on!

(Joel) #13

your hub went off twice in one week? Is this a similiar result of the issue that ST’s are having with amazon or another cause?