Feature Request: Notification Filtering

Hi - I am brand new to smartthings and have it setup with a starter kit and integrated with our Nest thermostat using a community developed app called NST manager. We also have the built-in smart home monitor setup. I am finding the app notifications necessary but very noisy.

NST Manager is very noisy. When Nest changes home/away state it notifies all users of the app (myself and my wife). When an upgrade to the app is available it notifies you and nags you regularly to install. Some bugs in the notifications recently notified us both for upgrades when we already had the latest code installed.

The noise is leading us down the path of not wanting notifications turned on. This will not work either given that that for smart home monitor to work it has to be able to notify.

The problem with the app today is that you cannot filter notifications by app type to be able to turn off error prone apps sending false alarms or indeed to leave them off for an app you dont care about while still leaving them on for apps that do matter such as security.

Is this the best place to log the feature request?


Turn off the notification on the NST Manager. I did.

SmartThings staff has told us in the past the best place for feature requests is contacting support or leaving an app review. They do not monitor these forums.

For the NST Manager SmartApp notifications, no. Post in the official thread for NST Manager. If you follow that thread you will become aware of any issues that my be transpiring and reported by other community members as well. In the case of the annoying updates available, there was an issue the last couple of weeks (over the holidays) which others reported as well and that has since been fixed if you update to the latest and greatest code. They thought it was fixed once (right around the time you posted there), but there was an oversight.

Use the official thread moving forward. You can always do a search and then specify that specific thread to search only and look for the issue ie “update available” and you will see postings for it. Anyway that got fixed a couple of days ago so update to v5.24. Those Notifications will go away. Moving forward, if you ever have an issue with NST Manager, post here. There is no need to create another topic :slight_smile:

[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

As for the other notifications and filtering and asking for a new feature, see replies above.

Thanks - how do you do that?

In the NST Manager app under the notifications section. You can customize them all you want. I got tired of being woke up when I was sleeping.

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The other thing you can do is turn on Do Not Disturb for your phone and override DO Not Disturb for specific Applications or you can set the option to Show Silently so the phone doesn’t ring or vibrate (Android anyway).

sorry - I dont see any notifications. would you mind posting a screenshot?

Many thanks but I am on iOS - that wont work unfortunately. plus I dont think its not a sustainable option which is why I am seeing a feature request. Smart things should centrally control this so that multiple phone users don’t get these notifications.

I agree that it would be a nice feature. Unfortunately it isn’t going to get much traction out here in the community forum.

Your best bet is to email support@smartthings.com and/or goto App Store and leave a review and comments with the feature request above. Best way it becomes known.or looked at by Samsung / SmartThings.