Feature Request: Light, plug, switch monitoring

I have an ecobee thermostat and one of the main things I love is the website that gives me awesome access to graphs, charts and I can even download a CSV file of logs of when it sees motion, what the temperatures are, when the system is blowing the fan, or heating, or cooling etc.

What I’d love to see is if Smartthings could add onto their website a graph or chart that shows all of my lights, switches, and plugs and shows when they turn on and off. Also, my motions sensors, when do they see motion etc.

The goal would be to track consumption and see if I’m being efficient with my lights, but also to find anomalies… do my lights turn on because the cat walks past the motion sensor and I have something set wrong. Do my front lights stay on all night instead of turning off like I think they are doing.

I know I can go to the history of each light and scroll through, but I’m finding that I now have enough devices and enough smartapps all running at the same time that I’m sure I’ve got a couple things coded wrong and it might be giving me funny and bad results that I don’t even know about. A summary chart/graph would be awesome to find these anomalies!

Thinglayer is close to what you are looking for.

Its not actively being developed and not a simple turn key install. Hopefully one day it will be rolled in.

Lookup InitialState; I believe it does a lot of what you are describing.

Not sure if this would help, but you might take a look at both “wellness check” and “logging” on the quick browse list and see if any community members have created something you can use. :sunglasses:


Google sheets logging might suffice. The time chart works well for temps and such.

Log events to Google Sheets [see post 154 for current Github repo and v1.1].

I’ve added the logging tag to many of the theads describing various options like InitialState, Grovestreams, ThingSpeak, Google Sheets, etc:


That looks like a very cool option. Very powerful site. I’ll keep that in mind, but right now I’m looking for a free option.

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You should look at https://artik.cloud/

Just set it up and it has charting and what not from ST. Easy to set up with the SmartApp

Again, thanks, but I’m looking for a free option.

Its free depending on the amount of traffic you send up. Worth trying.



There is also this if you want to set up a server locally to capture everything:

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