Feature Request for Gentle Wake Up SmartApp

The Gentle Wake Up SmartApp is working wonderfully for me, but I need just ONE MORE feature to make it perfect for my use case. I need to be able to set the color before the ramping begins. I find it quite odd that this SmartApp supports a gradual change of color, but does not allow for setting what that color is!

My use case is to simulate a sunrise early in the morning, even before the real sunrise (while it is still dark outside). Problem is, I will have often set this same bulb’s color to red the evening before, but I want it to gradually wake me up the next morning with a very white to blueish color. I need to be able to specify the color as an RGB value, NOT a simple “yellow”, “green”, etc.

Is this the proper place to make such feature requests? I am a programmer, so I could probably modify the code myself, but I don’t yet understand what to then do with the modified source code, e.g. how to “apply” it for use. Where are those instructions located?

Thanks for the help.

Hi Tim. If you want to try editing the code yourself, you can take a look at this article that covers all of the basics for custom code - http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Using_Custom_Code#Using_A_Custom_SmartApp

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Look this one up. I used it before migrating to v2, but forgot about it :slight_smile: It may be a good inspiration of what you’re trying to accomplish.