Night time gradual dimming w/ Osram lightify?

Hello all,

I’m new to SmartThings and everything else regarding home automation. I have full color LED RGB lights from TP link which match the suns circadian rhythm. They are fantastic. I wanted a a similar feature for my sons room as well so I picked up 2 Osram lightify BR30 tunable white lights. I can control them via ST for on and off and color change just fine.

But I need help with the following. How do I set up the lights to match the circadian rhythm of the sun? Also, how can I set up the lights to gradually dim and turn off after my son goes to sleep? Can their be done on a timer? Do I need a motion sensor?

I have ST second gen, 2 winkrelays, echo speaker, echo dot, ring, and several single channel light switches. I don’t have the lightify bridge.

Thanks for your help!

Search circadian for even more possibilities.

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For the gradual dimming off I think the app gentle wake-up can go in either direction.

It’s located in the marketplace, lighting area

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