Set up garage to open when car using Android Auto+phone arrives home?

Is there way to open the garage door opener controlled by GoControl controller only when
the phone that is used as presence sensor is connected to the car Android auto?
I don’t want to open the door when I arrive home using another method of transportation other than my car.

Any help would be appreciated!

With manual intervention: create an “Open the Garage” scene and add it to Android. Choose Android Auto in the app’s main menu, select Scene Notification, Arriving, Open the Garage. This should let you open it with one touch when you arrive home; none of my vehicles have Android Auto, and the version that runs on the phone screen is no longer available, so I haven’t used it in a couple of years and can’t confirm it still works.

You might be able to automate the confirmation for the option above via Tasker or similar.

With additional hardware: pick up one of these arrival sensors, set it up in your car, and create an automation that runs when this device, not your phone, arrives home.


I do this using Tasker, AutoLocation, and SharpTools. It can done with just Tasker and AutoLocation. There is a thread here about using Tasker to issue commands to the SmartThings API. Give me a while and I’ll gather some links for you to check out.

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You are great guys!
Thank you so much!

Here is one link: SmartThings Rest API using Tasker. This tells you how to use Tasker to interact directly with your devices. Obviously, you’ll need the Tasker app. After you have the Tasker app, you can download all of Jake’s Profiles and Tasks for Tasker. You run the database builder (I think that’s what it is) to get a list of all your devices. Then you can use the other tasks to interact with the devices (e.g., to issue an open command to your garage door).

Here is a link to my post & the replies in the Tasker Google Group: This discusses the concept of how to use Tasker, AutoLocation, and Geofences.

My Tasker Task is below. I deleted some of the action items that I no longer use, but you should be able to get the idea from this how when I entered my geofence I issue a command to SharpTools to open the door (I haven’t modified this yet to issue the command directly to the SmartThings API, so I’m just showing this to set forth the logic). By the way, I loop the command to open because sometimes it doesn’t work the first time.

A1: Notify [
Title: Opening Garage Door 1 Car
Number: 0
Permanent: On
Priority: 3
LED Rate: 0 ]

   A5: Variable Set [
     Name: %attempts
     To: 0 ]

A6: Variable Add [
     Name: %attempts
     Value: 1
     Wrap Around: 0 ]

A7: HTTP Request [
     Method: GET
     Timeout (Seconds): 30
     Structure Output (JSON, etc): On
     Continue Task After Error:On ]

<Using multiple attempts to ensure opening>
A12: Goto [
      Type: Action Label
      Label: LoopStart ]
    If  [ %attempts < 5 ]

<Waiting to Unlock Kitchen Door After Garage Door Opens -- I ALSO UNLOCK MY KITCHEN DOOR WHEN I GET HOME>
A22: Wait [
      MS: 0
      Seconds: 1
      Minutes: 0
      Hours: 0
      Days: 0 ]

A23: HTTP Request [
      Method: GET
      Timeout (Seconds): 30
      Structure Output (JSON, etc): On
      Continue Task After Error:On ]

A27: Notify Cancel [
      Title: Opening Garage Door 1 Car ]

<Turn it off so it doesn't fire again>
A36: Profile Status [
      Name: Garage Door Open 1 Car
      Set: Off ]
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Tailwind does this natively by recognizing the connection to the vehicle.

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Interesting! Thanks!


@Tech_Junkie confirmed the integration is still working, so that’s very good news.

Tailwind did remove the smartthings logo and support article from their website at some point, so I’m not sure what’s going on there, but @tech_junkie has confirmed it is working with the new architecture, so that’s a good thing. :sunglasses:


Hubitat may also be another intermediary… don’t know for sure.

It works with SmartThings. Not sure why the ST logo is missing from the website.

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That’s good news, then. Smartthings was also removed from the support section of the tailwind website, though. Are you sure it works with the new architecture? A lot of third party integrations (such as Life360) stopped working about six weeks ago when the groovy cloud was cut off. :thinking:

Yep it still works. I just opened and closed my Tailwind garage door using the SmartThings app.

On the “works with” support page ST is listed

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Thanks! I updated my post above. :sunglasses:

Yes, you can set up a task automation using an app like Tasker on Android to trigger the garage door opener only when your phone is connected to Android Auto in your car. Mercedes service