Favorites on home screen

Is there a way to put your favorites on the home screen on your phone? Currently the only way to put switches and other things on your home screen is to create a scene for that switch or device. I just want to put my favorites there.

You can drop a widget that’s a shortcut to the device in the app. It’s faster than navigating through the app, but not as quick as the scene widgets. In the app, navigate to the device, hit edit, then add to home screen.

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FYI… can’t do this with iOS. Only option is to add to Favorites when choosing Edit.

Thank you for the response. I did see that. I wish they would let you put our favorites there because it is a toggle button instead of having to make a scene for on and then another scene for off. I have all these buttons on my home screen that I could cut in half if they could be a favorite.