Favorites page is often missing favorite scenes or devices

When I switch to the already open ios ST app (by clicking on app icon so it switches to the already open app - typically the last page I used was favorites so it “opens” there), either favorite scenes or favorite devices are often missing.

Closing the app and reloading it fixes the problem, but a PITA.

Anybody else having this problem?

Does posting here help get this problem fixed?

If this is a confirmed problem, is it hope

The best method is to report it directly to ST support. In the ST app, click on Menu > Contact Us > Report a Problem

Is it a Known problem… I have not noticed that particular one but there are issues with the iOS app. One thing you may want to try is remove the app and perform a fresh install to see if that resolves it.

If I do that, will I lose any settings? Can I trust all I need to do is login?

Your rooms, devices and favorite screen organization would change and you would need to set them back to the order you prefer. But all Rroutines, scenes and devices will be fine.

Yep. One of the many bugs and glitches that makes the iOS app such a “treat” to use. Considering I can’t control devices within the first 30 second of opening the app, this has been a much lower concern of mine personally as I make reports to Support.


yup. sadly, disappearing scenes on the favorites screen has been a long running bug.