Faster Local Execution?

I was under the impression that with the Edge migration that most things would now run local and execution would speed up. I know there are some exceptions (scenes, LAN integration, etc.), but about 40% of my devices (all migrated, most working) are still cloud based and I’ve noticed no speed improvement. I have observed and I think ST staff is investigating child devices, that are showing up as cloud based. Are others seeing a speed improvement?

Yes, my Routines and devices run much faster, provided I haven’t included something in a Routine that forces it to run in the cloud. For example, notification actions will force cloud execution.

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So I noticed my execution seemed faster this week. I looked on the new website and noticed that my “children” devices are now listed as local execution. Since I’ve got ~40 children (virtual, not actual, lol), this would have a big impact if it was in fact a real change.

As I continue down the path of making more things local, I used the new API browser to convert all of my virtual devices to local executing ones. This helped a lot. While almost all of my devices are now local, I’m still seeing quite a few automations that are not. Some of this has been noted before, but some of it is not and it’s not clear to me as to why. What I’m seeing that keeps an automation from being local includes:

  • Cloud integrations (ok, this make sense)
  • Cloud based weather (ok, this make sense)
  • Anything tied to smart phone prescence (this also makes sense)
  • Anything that is tied to sunset/ sunrise (I’m assuming this is because the ST cloud does these calcs)
  • Scenes/ Lighting groups (unclear why this one could not be local)
  • Anything that requires an extended time (… for XX minutes, on for XX minutes, or after XX minutes)- (not clear why this could not be local)
  • One item off that triggers another off (not sure why…)
  • Multiple items with 4 ifs of logic, some of it comparative to a fixed value (not sure why…)

Are others seeing all of these cases of cloud execution?

Sunrise & Sunset with or without time offsets are local. See the following.

You may need to edit and save the routines to make them local. A blank space at the end of the name is usually sufficient.

Tagging @h0ckeysk8er , who has been keeping a list of what prevents local execution. :thinking:

This is a great tip! Defiantly solving many of the “cloud ones” I’ve got beyond sunrise/sunset, so my list may be much shorter in a few minutes…

There are the things that I have found that cause cloud execution vs local.

   * Scenes with non-local executing devices
   * Lighting Groups
   * Member Location
   * Devices from cloud->cloud integrations
   * Notification actions
   * Weather triggers
   * STHM triggers and actions
   * " Any Day" time precondition
   * Cloud virtual devices
   * Devices on two different hubs


The “any day” one is interesting, must be the reason why the shades are not local.
Seems like that one could be local.

Most if not all of scenes are still on the cloud, although all of the impacted devices are local.

With the trick from @Paul_Oliver, I’ve got many more of these working now.

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