FAQ: Zwave repair not working (how to fix error messages)

What I’ve done to remove ghost devices is:

  1. Using the IDE, create a new device with a name you can easily identify. I usually create a virtual switch. Assign it to the appropriate Location and Hub.
  2. Give things a few minutes to propagate
  3. Using your app, delete the device. You’ll probably have to force delete.

I did this a few days ago and happened to have the hub events log open in a window. I saw some Z-wave deletion messages.

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Unfortunately force deleting fails. It gets stuck ‘Deleting device’ for a very long time, and then presents me again with the option to force delete. The second attempt does the same thing.

I can see in the logs it restarting the zwave, but thats it.

[ 2020-11-18 11:48:16.000 AM PST
*8 minutes ago* ](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/hub/?all=&source=true&max=25) HUB zwStatus ready Z-Wave is ready
[ 2020-11-18 11:48:12.000 AM PST
*8 minutes ago* ](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/hub/?all=&source=true&max=25) HUB zwStatus starting up Z-Wave starting up
[ 2020-11-18 11:48:10.000 AM PST
*8 minutes ago* ](https://graph.api.smartthings.com/hub/?all=&source=true&max=25) HUB zwStatus power cycle Z-Wave power cycle started

In that case, go ahead and delete the created devices using the IDE.

I went thru a period where force-deleting didn’t work and had to resort to the IDE. No idea why.

and use same network ID as the ghost device

Just exterminated a ghost yesterday following these directions FAQ: How to remove ghost devices from your z-wave and zigbee networks

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Ah! Yes, key point! Duh!

Deleted in IDE, but only one was removed, the other still show failed in z-wave repair.

Tired to repeat with that one again, tried force delete. Didn’t work again. Delete it in the IDE.

That one still shows as failed in the repair.

We did successfully get one out though

------- Scratch that -----

Just rebooted, did another repair, both devices are showing in the zwave repair failure

I think you’re at the limit of what us mere mortals can do. Time to queue up at SmartThings support and get them to dig about in the guts of the system

I actually started with them, they told me that I had to exclude the device. But with a broken device they said I was out of options. Maybe I will try adding an actual device instead of a virtual device and matching the ID

I’ve had a case in with Support for the same thing for a few days now. They said they needed time to look into it but haven’t gotten back with a solution yet.

Phone support or Email? Email has been a round robin for me lately

Email. I’m planning on replying back to their message with a request for update today.

Since I can’t see anything detrimental by having these ghost devices, I’m almost tempted to just let it be. I’m concerned that attempts to eliminate them might botch my configuration in some way.

If they are in the system as z-wave devices it’s at least theoretically possible some other devices would try to route thru the ghost

And from what I’ve experienced, the ZWave stack in the 3x.x firmware is much, much less tolerant of issues. Id not stop trying to eliminate them

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Support hooked me up and got both of them taken care of. Thanks.