FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

Like others, I too could use some help. I have a Gen 2 Smartthings hub, and am trying to get my two Schlage Connect locks to work in a reliable way. I am using the RBoys device handler and LUM.


  • My original Hub position was about 15 feet from the first lock. Second lock is an additional 15 feet away. Both connect directly to Hub, despite many beaming repeaters (mostly all GE 14294s) in the area. Locks work intermittently, notifications sometimes are missing, and my programming of user codes is hit/miss.
  • I move Hub hub as far away as I can… three rooms away and about 55 feet from first lock. Several GE 14294 dimmers are within 5 feet of the lock (and more exist physically between there and the new Hub location). I delete locks and a few dimmers, re-pair them all (with lock being last), and then z-wave repair.
  • Some devices now show going thru one of the 14294 dimmers, but no matter how many times I repeat this sequence, the locks always show routing thru the hub. Now locks even less reliable (presumably because Hub connection is weaker?)

Any suggestions on what I can change, to get the locks to route via anything but the Hub? Am I doing the sequence wrong? Try different dimmer model? (these are z-wave-plus and show as beaming) Would V3 Smartthings Hub be of any help? Are these locks (despite expensive) just not that reliable?

Appreciate any ideas.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: however, there’s going to be quite a bit of discussion and trial and error that doesn’t really belong in this FAQ thread.

Could you please start a new thread for this and then we’ll see about getting some people to help you with it. I suggest titling it “trouble communicating with schlage Z wave locks“ in order to get the most helpful replies.

You can create the new topic in the following section of the forum:


One of the key points to note in the 2nd post above is about Ghost devices in your mesh. These can, in some cases severely, disrupt communications, cause a slow down and negatively impact the reliability of the mesh. I would highly recommend start with removing ALL ghost devices in your mesh as described on this page. If you’re still having issues then as @JDRoberts suggested start a new topic and we can take the discussion over there: