FAQ: use a button controller to turn on a virtual switch to run a routine to change SHM alarm state (SmartThings Classic)



You want to press a button on a minimote or other button controller and change the alarm status of smart home monitor.

Fortunately, that one’s doable, although like many features in SmartThings, it’s not intuitive. :sunglasses:

  1. create a routine that sets the alarm status the way you want it. You will probably need two routines, one for arming and one for disarming, but that’s up to you.

Two) create a virtual switch. here’s the FAQ.

Three) there is a smart app in the marketplace section of the official mobile app that can tie a routine to a switch. This has been around for a long time and is very popular. It Uses the old terminology of “hello home phrase” instead of “routine”, but they mean the same thing.

So open the mobile app,

a) choose the marketplace section (asterisk icon in the lower right)

b) choose smart apps at the top of the screen,

c) choose “lights and switches”

and d) scroll down until you see “switch activates home phrase.” Install it.

If I recall correctly, you’ll have to install it twice, once for the switch going on and once for the switch going off.

Now you have a switch that can change the SHM alarm status. It will appear on your list of switches in the smart lighting feature or just on the things list. So you can toggle it in the mobile app, or you can tie it to a button on a minimote (using SmartLights) or even turn it on and off with Alexa. Anything you can do with a switch in SmartThings, you can do with a virtual switch. :sunglasses:

And for those who have never used the official SmartLights feature before, here are the instructions for that:

How to trigger a Routine with a button press
Controlling SmartHome Monitor with a switch?
(Scott) #2

I wanted to use a Button press to perform Routine A immediately, and a button Hold to perform Routine B after a 1 minute delay.

  1. I created 2 Virtual Switches, VSA and VSB.
  2. I then used Smart Lighting to turn on VSA when Button is pressed. Do not check Toggle on & off.
  3. Use Smart Lighting to turn on VSB when Button is held. Do not check Toggle on & off.
  4. Next create a Routine called ‘Nothing’ that does nothing.
  5. Create a Power Alliance app that turns off VSA after 1 minute (that way button gets reset to off so you don’t need to worry about the state of the Virtual Switch)
  6. Create a Power Alliance app that turns off VSB after 1 minute (this will trigger our delay)
  7. Create Switch Activates Home Phrase app that when VSA is On performs Routine A, and when Off performs Routine Nothing (power alliance resets switch for us, but we don’t want to do anything when it does)
  8. Create a Switch Activates Home Phrase app that when VSB is On performs Routine Nothing (start our delay), and when switch is Off perform Routine B (the power alliance app turns it off after 1 minute so that’s how we get our delay)

Smart home monitor exit/enter delay