Controlling SmartHome Monitor with a switch?

I’m trying to do something I think should be simple… change the state of the SmartHome Monitor based upon the state of a smart switch and ring a chime when that happens. All of the tools I need to perform this seem to be included in the ‘Custom’ rule section of the SmartHome Monitor application. The only problem is that these events can only be triggered by motion sensors, open and close sensors, smoke alarms, presence sensors and a few other devices except for a switch! Advice, please?

I was able to create an automation where the switch controls the mode of the home. When on, the mode ‘Away’ and when off its ‘Home’. However, I cant seem to get use that change in mode to trigger a change the SmartHome Monitor to Armed (Home) and Disarmed respectively.

Is it feasible to change the device handler of the switch to an open and close sensor without completely screwing up its functionality?

Thanks for the guidance!

I don’t know if you’d call it simple, but you can do it. You won’t need the button controller part of the following, but otherwise it’s the same approach. You can change the SHM alarm state inside a routine, And there’s a smart app that lets you tie a routine to a switch. :sunglasses:

Alternatively, there is a universal device type handler which lets you have a switch report as an open/close sensor, but I think that would actually be more complicated in this case. But it’s there if you need it.

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