50 Edge driver limit

I have been slowly, pre carnage, changing some Groovy connected devices to Edge, i just had a look through the ST official drivers and installed all i thought might be useful for the future.

Already installed and being used are some community Edge drivers

After adding 5 or 6 ST Edge drivers i have a pop up appear, 50 Edge driver limit … guess i got to now start deleting drivers …

Another concern, no Smartthings official multi sensor edge driver ?

It would also be very helpful if driver details actualy had useful information attached to them instead of blank fields and or a long list of letter and numbers for developer information, how the f is a user supposed to make use of that info ? Especially if there is more than one driver with the same name !!

I can see absolute carnage ahead


Thanks jkp, stupid me hadnt looked at that, Edge is soo much easier than the IDE… NOT

please forgive me as im a basic user and not familiar with coding but when you share a link like this, how does one add the driver from github. Ive tried copying and pasting the different links within into my hub via add new device handler from code but always get different errors. next question, i have been able to install different edge drivers when creators leave a direct invite link. is there an advantage or disadvantage for creators to sharing a link to either direct invite or github link?

Find the discussion thread where the author discusses the driver and use the link in that thread. While there are other ways to load the drivers, that is the easiest for a new user. You should not be copying and pasting anything, as that suggests you are using the IDE, which is not the correct approach.

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thanks for the response Bry. i think you were describing the invitation links. I was asking about the link to github that jkp posted. how does one add a driver from a link like that?

SmartThings have published the source of their Edge drivers in a SmartthingsEdgeDrivers repo, just as they published the source of many stock device handlers in SmartThingsPublic. As well as the main branch, the repo has a ‘beta’ branch which is the source of the drivers in their beta/preview channel which has been available to end users for about a year now. There is also a ‘production’ branch which is the source of the drivers in the default channel, the live drivers if you like.

When you see links to Edge drivers in the SmartThings repo in this forum it is often just a convenient way of providing supporting evidence that a device is supported in a particular driver and in particular that it is in beta or production. If the repo is owned by one of the community or another third party it might mean that the repo is the primary source of information.

You install beta drivers or community or other third party drivers by following the invitation links you will have seen around.

You don’t need to do anything with the source of Edge drivers unless you are building your own or customising existing ones. There isn’t a trivial cut and paste way of doing that like there was with handlers, you have to go all in.

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I just hit the 50 driver limit. My question is, if I delete a driver will SmartThings notify me that the driver is tied to a device similar to how DHT would work? I would hate to delete the wrong driver for a device without knowing.


If the Driver is in use, it will not allow you to remove it.

Great! Thanks for the info