FAQ: How to remove ghost devices from your z-wave and zigbee networks

It’s 4 hops. The originating device and the receiving device don’t count.


Is 4 hops.


They change based on traffic and obstructions. If a repeating device is busy with another message, then that route isn’t available. If a human is walking through the house, their body can block signal, making a route unavailable. The network is taking into account a lot of information that you don’t have when you’re just looking at the list of nodes the last route went through.

a body pack transmitter can be 50 to 70% less effective than a handheld transmitter simply because of the antenna location being against the human body


@RBoy So I just tried this process twice and my ghost still remains in another devices path. Does it take a while for the IDE to update or did the process fail?

Thanks for the info, but I noticed something different. Can’t find it in this topic with Find.

I see at Type so called “placeholder”.

Here how it looks, one picture with the duplicate name next to the functioning device, the other filtered on “placeholder”.

I will try to remove the placeholders and see what happens.

Grtn Ben

placeholder is for devices which are connected using Cloud to Cloud integrations using the new ST app. If you delete then you will need to reconnect them. They don’t have any impact on zwave or ZigBee

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Tnx for the info.

Thought delete it would solve my ghost devices.

DO NOT DELETE or otherwise mess with placeholder devices unless you want to fix whatever it breaks.


The path that you see in the I DE is the last reported path, but it can indeed take quite a while for this to update. (At one point it only updated once a day, but I think they’ve made it more often than that.)

So the first thing to do would be to actuate the device That path is for so at least there’s a new “last used” route. But you still might not see it in the IDE for a while.


Thanks for the input

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Can’t tell what is broken now, I removed the placeholder devices.

But the duplicate / ghost devices are gone now in the app.

None of the steps included in the original post worked in my case. tried 4 times with the same result…ghost device still remained, even after a day. In the end, I had to exclude and re-include the end device that was using the ghost infested path.

Finally figured it out-

I had bought a new Zooz power strip, and it was probably bad. Even though I had removed it after the problems stated, I had left it plugged in. That was flooding the z-wave network.

Unplugged it and everything worked. I had to exclude and include a bunch of stuff, because I was trying to diagnose the problem - but otherwise, it would be all working.

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